Wednesday, June 1

Quick Poll - Please Help

Away from the crafting side of things....please answer the following questions for me.  It is for the sake of a Life Lesson for someone near and dear to my heart.

Given the chance to reenact your teenage years, without changing anything, would you do it all over again?

Given the chance to reenact your teenage years, with changing anything you want, would you do it all over again, with the changes?

Thanks for the little bit of Life Lessons Help!!!


  1. GOSH, that's a hard one. I have always thought about changing some things, to make things better. But, then I would be afraid that the changes would somehow change my family and I love them dearly. So I would not change a thing.
    I know that sounds confusing lol, and probably didn't help.


  2. Well, there's a loaded question..I have to say i would NOT change anything. I had my Daughter very young and My Dad got to enjoy her for his remaining 6 yrs of life..She was his only grandchild at that time...yes i was 17 but would i change it....NO WAY, things always happens for a reason...My daughter has turned out to be one fantastic lady....and is now a mother of one at age 28...she learned my lesson eh???

  3. I would not go back and relive my teenage years for any reason, even if I could change things. I just believe that everything happened for a reason and all the crappy things that happened in my life at that time turned me into the person I am today so I wouldn't want to change them and risk being someone different. And seriously, who would WANT to be a teenager again? Once is enough!!!!

  4. I wouldn't change a thing...I think the past makes you who you are and I think I turned out to be an okay adult! :)

  5. I married at 18 one month after graduation, had my first son at 21 and second at 25 marriage ended when I was 30, I can't say that I would change that because obviously I have two very very handsome and awesome sons from that moment in my life, BUT I can say to any young woman contemplating traveling that road, its a loooooong hard one, get an education, LIVE on your own for awhile, then marry someone that shares some of your interests, the BEST advice my mother ever gave me was this, Fire and Passion fades for everyone in time, you have to get out of bed sometime and you dang* well better have something you can talk about! :)


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