Thursday, June 9

So much accomplished

Well, I know my posts aren't quite up to par as to what you may expect from me.  Nor have my comment returns to all my friends and followers been.  I do have good reason.  I allowed my dear daughter to confiscate my craft area and to let her creative mind do some exercise the last few days.  I also had to finish some things for the Craft Show I keep mentioning....sorry if I am boring you, but it is a real consumption as of a good way.  I will be back to normal around Monday, I HOPE!  :o)

I did a run through in my living room today, to practice set up and tear down with my daughter, who will be joining me Saturday.  I did a mock set-up so I could be sure that there would be room for all the different crafts I plan to take.  Lance built me an awesome backdrop to display my swags and wreaths from.  I love that he takes part in pushing me to pursue my dreams.  He doesn't just give me free reign, he helps when I really need it.  And I am amazed by his talent to throw things together so easily.  That's probably why we work so well.  For what I lack he has ample to contribute.  The backdrop is made from PVC piping that he spray sturdy too since he added a cross bar.  I will have an easel to display my memo boards, wicker baskets to display cards.  Albums will sit on the table for people to browse through my layouts.  Then I just need a spot for my wood crafts and hand painted ornaments. They may fit inside the wood crates I bought....hmmm...yes.  I think that will do just fine.  I just need to finish up with marketing and networking materials/supplies, inventory checklist, customer order sheets, price guides, and practice driving the white van before the hour trip to Middleburg Heights.  I am a good driver, but I dread driving a new vehicle when it is rather large and I have that long on the road.  Please keep me in your prayers!

I was able to finish up the bows for my friend's wedding.  She stopped by today, looking horribly stressed, as most women are, 2 days before the wedding, and breathed a sigh of relief to see that the bows were completed.  She had offered to pay, but my heart would not allow her to do that.  I offered the bows as a gift to her and her dh to be.  It is the least I can do for someone who so needed it.

I also was able to finish a wreath I had purchased trimmings for last week.  I didn't think I would get the chance to have it ready for the Craft Show, but surprised myself, by pushing through until it was complete. I will also probably glare at it so much, that I will decide to add more flowers.  I do that often.  Look at a wreath that I have finished, or so I thought, and judge it from different angles to be sure it is perfect. 

Is it enough, or does it need more??????  One lucky person who answers this question will get a surprise from me.....who shall it be???
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  1. I think it is perfect! Good luck at your craft fair! I do many shows and always bring my Daughter with me, we have such a good time! Safe driving! :)

  2. As always... your work is beautiful! Seeing this reminds me that I have rolls of "4th of July" ribbon that I should create with for the upcoming holidays. Thank you for the inspiration!! Wishing you the best for your trip to the show... and enjoy!!

  3. Do add more flowers. You can never have too many!


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