Saturday, April 30

First Challenge with CSDivas is done

I just finished my first challenge with the CSDivas for the Moms Rock Online Crop.  What fun I had using such girlie colors and lots and lots of sparkles and bling.  

The challenge hosted by Sandy was a Card Challenge.  Sandy stated this is what we had to do:
"Your first project is to create three, yes 33333, coordinating cards in keeping with our Diva Moms' Rock theme.   You can use the colors in our crop button, pink, black, white along with some sparkle and bling!!!!"

Here are my 3....One Easel Card and 2 Gate Folds.  They all focus on Mom!  I used Black CS as my base, Hot Pink CS on two , and a Soft Pink CS on the other.  I used some glittery flower embellies, pink pearls, rhinestones, pink heart brad, pink Studio g ink with Moth-er stamp by Studio g, pink and white striped pp, pink and white swirls pp, pink ribbon, white fibers, and pink and silver Studio g glitter glue on all 3.  Thanks Sandy, this was super fun and super  girlie!

Thursday, April 28

Just a Reminder for the CSDivas Online Crop

Don't forget to stop by for some awesome challenges, great people, lots of laughter (they are a funny group of ladies, for real) and prizes, too.  Just visit my blog post CSDivas Online Crop Post  from a few days ago or click the pink guitar to the right > > > > > > > >
to be magically swept away to the Diva Online Crop - Moms Rock!!!!

Wednesday, April 27

Freshly Picked Giveaway

Easy Peezy...What do you think of Gnomes?
Answer this question for your chance to win a New Cricut *Freshly Picked* Cartridge, just in time to use for your Spring Time creations!
Head over to Royal Things and enter now!!!!

Tuesday, April 26

My sissy is getting married!!!!!!! PART 2

I am almost completely finished with Jenn's wishing well for her reception.  I am very pleased with the way it has turned out.  It was quite a process, but well worth it.  The only thing left to do with it now is add their names to the roof and possibly put a little bit of decorative lighting around the four posts and roof. 
The first phases of cutting cardboard pieces for bricks, then covering them with different shades of silver and white tissue paper, and letting the glue dry before placing each brick on the base of the well (made from a cardboard diaper box).  I added some vine garland (pine and ivy) to the four posts (paper towel rolls) for a realistic outdoor feeling to the entire project.  The roof panels (left over Styrofoam panels from the TV we bought, I think) were placed above the posts.  I planned to cover the "pail" (mandarin oranges can  
either with paper or ribbon.  
RIBBON won in the end.  
Ariana couldn't resist playing 
by the fun little well.  The slit is 
cut in the front of the box and I 
added some decorative 
rocks to hide the
imperfections of
the cut in the box... I think it added some extra pizazz, too.  I 
really like how the bricks look in 
the pictures  We sat the entire well on the hearth to get a distant shot.  The pictures show the pail covered in a charcoal gray and       yellow ibbon for added color. Don't mind the mess.  
I moved most of the craft 
materials to the center of the 
living room floor.
In some pics you can see the clear "straw-like" thing-a-ma-gigger I used to connect the pail.  I wanted to try to make it look almost like you could really wind it    
down into the well 
to fetch some water.  
I ended up putting a 2nd and 
3rd layer of rocks around the 
slit to make it look nicer.  I started to add some flowers to the bottom right hand corner of the
well and then to each post.  I handcrafted a 
bow (yellow wire ribbon) and added 
some flowers to it as well, to be placed on the very tip top of the roof.   I wanted to be sure not to over-do it with flowers, but wanted to make sure Jennifer's color scheme was well represented.  I added some silver Mardi Gras beads to the edges of the well bottom for some added bling.  The roof panels were covered with a silver tin ribbon to give the roof an effect that it actually had panels going across them. 

And here you have the almost finished Wishing Well.  I love how it turned out, but I am sure I am a bit partial to it since, after    all, it is MY Creation....LOL!

Sorry if the pics are a bit out of order.....I am still learning how to post the pics to line up right.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this project.  Any critisicm is appreciated>>>honesty is the best policy fellow crafters...LOL!

Thanks for stopping by to see my latest projects!  I appreciate all of you and love your comments!

Monday, April 25

Are You Ready for Some SCRAPPING ? ? ? ?

Fire up the Cricut..........Get out some of your favorite papers and embellies..........Stretch your arms and legs.............The Creative Scrapbooking Divas Monthy Crop is almost here.  

The last crop was so Super Duper Fantastic that I have been on the edge of my seat waiting for this next one.  Not exactly sure what to expect other than some Fun, Fun, Fun.

Please consider joining some wonderful and talented ladies during the Crop.  Make some awesome creations and some awesome friends along the way.  There are some new DT members as of April who are just amazing crafters and the existing Admin Divas are fantastic inspirations.  The CSDivas have monthly challenges and awesome discussion groups, too.  That way, if you can't join in on the Crop, you could complete some challenges and get some inspiration on your own time.  I visit the site daily to see what everyone is up to and have had some amazing memories made just by being a Diva.  I promise you will not be disappointed if you visit their site....heck, I would probably lay some money down that you would be a faithful follower of all the wonderful activities just after the first visit!!!!!

So, without any further ado, click on the image to be taken directly to their site and JOIN IN!!!!
S E E  Y O U  T H E R E   D I V A S

How Thoughtful

If you are not already a fan of Sherrie's Scraps with Passion....BE ONE NOW!  Her cards are soooooo cute.  I am happy to be a new follower of hers and look forward to joining her in her journey in BlogLand.  She has some amazing talent and I am eager to follow along and see all of her new creations.

If you pop over to her blog, you will be pleasantly surprised by her awesome blog candy giveaway, too......go see for yourself.........She has a bundle of goodies up for grabs!

Thanks Sherrie for such an inspirational post (I am a new blogger, too) and an awesome giveaway.

Thursday, April 21


The Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you so much to Liz @ Miss Merryweather's Creations for this awesome blogger's award! 

7 things about me

1>  I love all types of music
2>  My favorite type of art is painting

3>  My favorite band of all time is Tool, with A Perfect Circle in a very close 2nd
4>  I have had 5 surgeries in my lifetime, with 3 out of 5 occurring in the last 3 years
5>  I love looking at the stars...Orion is my favorite constellation
6>  My therapist has told me I have OCD tendencies, but I have never formally been diagnosed with the disease
7>  I wish I could have a lot more kids, but that can't happen now  :O(

The rules state you must:

-thank the person who sent you this blog with a link to their blog.

-list 7 things about yourself

-give this award to 15 bloggers

I will be notifying the 15 bloggers soon . . . .be READY!!!!

My 1st Blog Award ever

Stylish blogger Award

I just received (about 2 months ago) this wonderful Stylish blogger Award from Carol @ ARTMUSEDOGS~ Thank you Carol! 
Now here is the 'gimmick' ~ I get to pass this on to other bloggers but first I have to share 7 things about myself. 
Well here is  what you need to do after you receive the award. This is so much fun Carol! Thanks.
1. Thank the person who gave you the award  and link back to person who awarded you this way. (

2. Share 7 things about yourself

3. Award 15 recently discovered bloggers.

4.  Contact these bloggers about the award.

Go back and read what you need to do to share this award with recently met bloggers!


1.  I am attending my first ever Craft Show in June 2011 <<<<super excited

2. I am one of 13 children born to my mother, and a twin!

3. I have met my soul mate and am happy to be an advocate to True Love being found in others' lives

4. I recently discovered that I am a distant relative to Emily Dickinson <<<this ROCKS

5. I love spending time with all my relatives and keeping my nieces and nephews for weeks on end (to fill my already child filled home---I have 5 kids myself)

6. I have attended so many concerts in my life I am beginning to forget who I did and didn't see Rock Out on stage

7. I'm a lover, not a fighter in most cases...there are always exceptions to the rule!

Now go back and read the directions and share this award!!!

Happy Creating,

Tuesday, April 19

My sissy is getting married!!!!!!!

Well, Jenn and Scott are finally tying the knot...HIP HIP HOORAY!

And, guess who gets to make some awesome wedding decor....ME ME ME!!!!

Jenn is letting me make her banner, wishing well, and card box.  I am so excited to do this for my sister that I seriously haven't been able to contain myself.  And, it just so happens that her three children are spending the week with me and my family since they are on Spring Break.  So, they have been diving into helping with all the creations.  It has been fun, and I just wanted to share our progress along the way.  The banner is finished and we are starting on the wishing well.

Sissy, if you are reading this, I LOVE YOU <3

The kids learned a lot during this project...
Like...using Grommets and Eyelets

Adding metal embellishments with embroidery thread
Jasmyn snapped a pic of all the flowers
The finished banner w/ Jr. and Na-Na looking on
Up close (they learned how to use mod podge, too)
Left side of banner
Right side of banner

Monday, April 18

I picked a favorite!

I happen to thoroughly love all of the cards made by Liz at MissMerryeather's Etsy Shop!

I was supposed to pick a favorite.  But, after going back and forth between two that I REALLY liked, I decided it wouldn't be truly fair if I only picked one.  I like them both equally!

My first choice (in order of how it appears at her shop) of my faves is the adorable Heart Gem Greeting Card. I adore the embossing and the cut out heart is something unique that I have only seen her create.

My second choice (which shows up later on her shop) is the You're My Type Birthday Card.  Lately, I have been a "sucker" for vintage typewriters and the fonts are so cool.  I even slapped myself for two weeks after NOT purchasing a vintage typewriter at the Local Thrift Shop for $25.  When I went back to get it, someone had snatched it up....can't say I blame them.  My loss, their gain!  But, the card has great colors and the ribbon trim is fantastic.

Liz is giving away a fantastic blog candy package to increase traffic to her Etsy shop and promote business.  Excellent cards at excellent prices!  Be sure to check out her shop and stop by her blog to drop her some lovely comments!  If you like her creations (of course you will) follow her and enter for a chance to win some blog candy yourself!!!

Thanks Liz...great giveaway!  Best of Luck at Etsy!

Saturday, April 16

Just stumbled upon an awesome blog...check her out

I just hopped into the blogosphere, and to my darling surprise, I came across an awesome blog....

You really should check out her fabulous creations.  I couldn't stop scrolling through her posts and leaving comments.  Her work is fantastic.  LOTS OF TALENT to get inspired by ladies!  She is celebrating two years at her blog, so stop by, wish her some CONGRATS and enter for a chance to win some amazing blog candy, too.

Thanks for the share Tanya!!

Friday, April 15

Ashley at Welch Creations is having an awesome giveaway

150 Follower Giveaway

Ashley @ Welch Creations has some pretty amazing creations at her blog.  Her cards are so cheery and bright.  I also love the little treat boxes she made this month.  Check out her blog and see what I am talking about.

She is also giving away the Cuttlebug v2 once she reaches 150 followers! You can start entering for it now!  She is getting really close to the 150 mark!!!

Go on over to her blog and enter for your chance to win!!!

Thanks for this opportunity Ashley, and good luck with all the new followers!

Here's how you can enter:
1) You MUST be a follower
2) Leave me a comment on this post with a way for me to reach you!
3) For a second entry just post about my giveaway on your blog and leave an additional comment letting me know!

Will for sure have some more projects up this weekend! I will also be taking a card class on Sunday and I can't wait to show you all them! Have a good one and don't forget to enter for a chance to win!

Wednesday, April 13

Sugar Pop Ribbons is at it again....and I thought I was busy LOL

Well, she is at it again.  Giveaway after giveaway.  There must be a special place in Heaven for this gal.  Just in time for Easter...this giveaway is delightful.  The giveaway included all Disney themed Bambi items.  I was able to get about 23 entries in a *snap*!

I would love to win this basket because all of my children would enjoy the fun included.  Especially my 3 year old daughter, Ariana.  She is sorta obsessed with deer lately.  She has a favorite shirt that is green with a print of a deer (which happens to resemble Bambi).  I have been telling her we will get Bambi once Disney releases it from the Disney Vault.  This would be such an exciting gift for her and for the whole family.  
Here are a few pics I wanted to share with you!
Don't mind the camo boo boo bandage...we were out of the glittery ones when she decided to nosedive into the couch and get a rug burn across her nose.
Notice the green shirt?  This is her favorite shirt and she wants to wear it every day.  I always have to hunt for it when I do a load of laundry to be sure it is clean for the next day.

This pic is just from today.  The boo boo is getting all better and Ariana didn't have any problems cheesing it up for the camera when I told her I wanted a pic of her in her favorite shirt.

Not only is that her favorite shirt, but she has a favorite set of dinnerware (a sectional plate, fork, and spoon) that she asks for at every meal...."Mommy, can I have my reindeer 'poon, p'eez?"  It is priceless.

Thanks Sugar Pop Ribbons for such a wonderful giveaway and a chance to win!

Make sure you visit her page for your chance to win!!!

Tuesday, April 12

Today I .....

Well, I was finally able to get a running start on finishing up a few open ended projects.  I finally got the last coat of mod podge and two coats of glossy varnish on my altered memo boards.  I hot glued the accents/trims.  And now I can share with my faithful followers.  These were some items I have been wanting to finish for the upcoming Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show.

I was invited to be a vendor at this event by Becki Cooper of Becki's Sweet Boutique and I am thrilled at the opportunities that await.  I look forward to firing up the old creative mind to see what creations I come up with for my booth at the Show.

Here is the information about the show:
Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show
June 11, 2011 
10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
16000 Bagley Road
Middleburg Heights, OH
Featuring North East Ohio's local talent. This year's show will feature a variety of handmade art and craft items from some of the area's most talented vendors. A wide variety of unique and one-of-a-kind items will be available for purchase. A portion of proceeds will be donated to the Cleveland Animal Protective League for animal rescue. The show is FULL!! For more information please email Becki at

Here is a sneak peek at two of the memo boards I finished today that will be available for purchase at the show:
Butterflies and Flowers
Butterflies and Flowers (full view)
Safari (full view)

Well, there is still so much to be done.  Off to the craft room, once again!
Have a great day followers!

Monday, April 11

OMG....Carlyann almost has 1,000 followers already!!!!

Happy Blogoversary to Carlyann at Sweet 'n' Crafty.

She is celebrating her blogoversary and has almost reached 1,000 followers.  What an accomplishment!!!

Her creations are astounding!

I love every little detail on all her cards.  They are amazing.  I peeked into her blog and didn't want to leave.  I definitely suggest you stop by her blog to see her talent as a fellow crafter.

I know I have been inspired!

By the way....
There is blog candy, too. 
Check my sidebar for the awesome pic of the candy!

Happy Crafting to all!

Sunday, April 10

*`*`* Cricut Cake Giveaway *`*`*

Parting is such sweet sorrow. 

Mistyrose at Sweet Magnolia Rose is giving away not 1, but 2....yes 2, Cricut Cake Machines.  Don't miss your chance to get in on the action.  Go to her blog, follow her, leave a sweet comment and tell her what you would do with the machine if you won!

Thank you Misty for sharing this opportunity with the crafting blogosphere!

Friday, April 8

Goodwill Hunting

Happy Friday followers!

Well, I managed to have an eventful trip at Goodwill yesterday.  I found a freezer bag full of fabulous ribbons and pom poms, which I need for my Easter Bunny tails.....ROCK ON!  Inside the bag was 10 yards of beautiful lace trim ribbon....BONUS!  I also found an accordion picture frame that I plan to alter and refinish to turn in to a fabulous gem...SaWEET!  I gathered a few old tin cans that can make some awesome boxes after I am done with them.  I came across some old books as well.....The Caine Mutiny being one of them and a collection of Helen Steiner Rice, who happens to be one of my FAVES!

I am really not sure where I will start, but my Goodwill Hunting paid off!

Thanks for stopping by...come back to visit soon to see my altered creations!

Thursday, April 7

It's Easter Blog Hop April 7-10th


I am participating in the Awesome Blog Hop started at Blessed on the Bright Side with Shawnee.  Full of great creations and inspiration to get you started on your Easter Projects.  And of course, what's a Blog Hop without BLOG CANDY?  You will be required to visit and follow each blog, leave a comment each day of the Blog and can be given extra entries in the drawing for sharing the event on your blog or FB page.

I hope you consider joining in on all the fun!!!

Monday, April 4

HAVING A BLAST @ Paper Secrets Birthday Bash

I am totally cruising through some challenges finally....nothing like waiting to the last minute.  he he he :O)

In my defense, the kids have had horrible colds and have needed my undivided attention.  I have been washing outrageous amounts of laundry and spraying the house for several days now, but Lance finally got home from work early today and I completed some of the challenges.  I am having so much fun and really feel like being creative allows me to enhance my inner peace.
I absolutely love connecting with other talented people and learning new techniques.
I just wanted to share some of the creations I have completed thus far....

 This challenge was the P-A-R-T-Y stash challenge.

P - Potted Plant

A - Altered tags

R - Rhinestones

T - Twins (me and my sissy)

Y - Yin-Yang

There is one blank rectangle awaiting the picture still.  I have to hunt for the very one I want to place in that spot....

This challenge was a BINGO challenge.  Vickie gave us a bingo card full of scrappy supplies and techniques that had to be used.  I chose the O column and had to use..... Bling, Chipboard, 3 or more papers, Tearing, and Blue.

Thank goodness McKenzie enjoys taking pics of herself (on a regular basis and always snaps about 50 at a time - - - -must be a teenager thing) LOL  :O)!  I was able to pic my favorites for this LO.

This challenge was a Shabby Chic challenge.

I saw this term many times throughout the time that I have been blogging, but never knew exactly what it was.  Guess I can't say that now.  I think this is definitely one of my favorite techniques, thus far.

The picture is circa 1940s and is my maternal grandmother and step-grandfather.  My maternal gf passed when my mom was very young and grandpa Danny is the gf I grew up knowing as a child.  My gm and gp were the nicest people on earth....really!!  So, I thoroughly enjoyed honoring them and preserving this memory.

The terms of this challenge were to use the following elements:
  • A vintage photo pre 50's must be used.
  • Paint
  • Stitching
  • Distressing
  • Pastel Tones

The next challenge that I finished was my friend Luisa's Wonderful Birthday challenge.  After all, it was a Birthday Bash.  I had the opportunity to highlight Haylee's first BD.
 The requirements for this challenge
2 different alpha stickers, hand cut something from
patterned paper, raise the fussy-cut item on pop dots, and add stickles or glitter

I had found some paper that matched the banner I made for her Birthday, so the pics and paper coordinate quite well.
 I just wish these moments could last forever.

I had a lot of fun with this challenge.  We were given a picture of cupcakes and candy that we could use for inspiration.

The paper in the photo at left, matched the cupcakes and candy colors PERFECTLY!

I am so glad I was able to get a picture of Pablo and make a page.

The last challenge I completed was an altered tissue box.  We have plenty of those laying around this week.  I chose to make it into a Reward Box for the kids.  I still need to make some reward slips so that when they are being well behaved, they can reach in, and pull out a special surprise.  Who doesn't love surprises?

Well, what a long weekend.  I had fun.  I am so looking forward to the next event in the upcoming weeks.

Hope you enjoyed!   Thanks for stopping by today!!!!!  :O)

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