Saturday, June 25

Two Pink Peas: Great Blog & Candy

I was pleasantly surprised this morning by a very touching blog post.  I visited Terri at Two Pink Peas and was captivated by her touching words in her post.  I was astounded by her generosity and sometimes you can learn a lot about a person from one single blog post.  This post let me know that Terri is 1 - Real, just like you and me; 2 - having some emotional highs & lows, we've all been there; 3 - addicted to paper crafting, admit it now ladies :O); and 4 - finding support in the blogging community, don't we all gain happiness and support from visiting our Blends?  So, for these reason, please visit Terri, read a few of her posts, then, after you have done that, peek in on her candy up for grabs.  It is a fantastic prize to be won, so generous!


  1. Hey, Jessica - I just stopped by to say Hi and noticed all of your earlier posts are gone from your home page. I think you may be having the same blog issue I had a couple of days ago. If you need the instructions on how to fix it, shoot me an email and I'll send them to you: I hope you are enjoying the weekend :D


  2. Hi Jessica... I am just wowed by your SWEETEST words about me and my blog. Thank you so very much for posting such a touching blog post about me and my blog. That shows how absolutely amazing you are!! I am now your newest follower and am so proud to be. Your sweet words will stay in my heart for a very very long time, so thank you very very much for saying that. I wish you the very best in life and I hope to get to know you better and we can become blogging buddies!! Good luck and I am rooting for you to win the blog candy!! It's a great prize, isn't it?? I actually feel SO bad in my heart because out of every one who entered only one person can win and every one of the ladies who entered really deserve to wint his package!! You are just as sweet as you can be. Thank you for entering my blog candy and becoming a follower too!! Can't forget that!! I don't think anyone has posted such wondeful things about me like you did before. That means so much to me!! Can you tell that I am stunned by your caring and loving post?? I really really am!! I hope you have a wonderful day today!! Hugs, Terri of Two Pink Peas

  3. Hi Jessica.. please do NOT ever think that you are stalking me.. lol I would never ever think that!! That is so sweet that you think that Bella and Pablo look the same. I got Bella from PetLand (Ok, Ijust want to say that I usually adopt from shelters and not purchase pets from pet stores but when I say Bella I knew I had to have her) I got her in Mentor Ohio. I do know the name of the breeder and if you know the name of the breeder of your Pablo maybe we can see if they are from the same breeder. That would be awesome if they were from the same family. Is your Pablo a yorkie-poo too? I am sorry if you told me already but I am SO tired and cannot remember. I need to go to bed.. that is how sleepy I am right now. But I wanted to right you back. Have a great night!! Terri of Two Pink Peas

  4. LOL.. Nevermind about Pablo being a yorkie-poo.. I remember that he is. Sorry about that. Like I Said I am so DARN tired it is crazy. That would be so amazing if they were related!! Talk to you soon!! Terri of Two Pink Peas

  5. Hi Jessica, that's a lot of candy. I was stopping by to say hi and that I hope you are having an awesome weekend. Hugs, ~Shen


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