Friday, June 3

Cardmaker's Bill of Rights - A MUST READ!!!

I got this from JulieK @ A Little Bit of Bling
Julie K got this from Emily @ Bombshell Em's Artistic Expressions

I read this just a moment ago (11:20 p.m. on 6/02/11) when I desperately needed a great laugh and a boost of encouragement.  So for that, Thank You Julie and Emily.  You made my day a lot brighter!

Please read and enjoy.....

Cardmaker's Bill of Rights

A cardmaker delivers the most welcome kind of unannounced visitor: A HANDMADE CARD.
A card touches us – somehow, a small folded piece of paper can comfort, celebrate, reach out or just say hello. Creating a handmade card is an honorable and important task.

As a cardmaker, you are entitled (but not limited) to the following rights:

  • You have the right to take as long as you want to complete one handmade card. This may be five minutes or two weeks.
  • You have the right to send a card for no other reason than to show off your new stamp, embellishment or technique.
  • You have the right to create a fabulous card for your husband, partner or roommate – just because you know it will stay in your house.
  • You have the right to spread your cardmaking things out all over, just to admire them.
  • You have the right to purchase a certain cardmaking item for no other reason than because a) you like it; b) you think it's cute; c) you'll never find it again, or; d) you know you'll use it someday.
  • You have the right to reserve using your most precious supplies on cards only for recipients who will truly appreciate them.
  • You have the right to a workspace of your own. This may be the basement, your college student's old bedroom or the kitchen table.
  • You have the right to make cards when inspiration strikes – whether the dishes are done or not.
  • You have the right to request peaceful, kid-free, stress-less cardmaking time - guilt-free.
  • You have the right to let the handmade card be the gift, too.
  • You have the right to value your personal style.
  • You are creating a treasure - and part of that treasure is you.
~Author Unknown


  1. That is great thanks for the smiles this morning.
    Have a great day.

  2. Wow this echoes my feelings exactly. A super duper Rights Indeed.I think all card makers should read this!Is there any way you can make this into a button so that I can post it on my side bar and people can come read this post on your blog?I am not too tech-savy but I think its a wonderful saying and deserves to be read by all card makers!

  3. Ahhh just the perfect thing to make me giggle on a rainy Friday morning :)

  4. Wow that bill of rights button has come out so well. you are really computer savy too!

  5. The blinkie you made is awesome. I will put it on my side bar. Its fantastic

  6. Jessica I tried copy image url and its not working out- do guide

  7. Haha so true. Love this. I am going to have to copy it and print it out and hang it on my wall. lol.
    Thanks for sharing.



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