Tuesday, June 21

{ { { I picked a *WINNER* for my Blog Candy Giveaway . . . take a peek } } }

I am so blessed to have wonderful BLENDS (Bloggy Friends) that stopped by so many times over the last few weeks.  I started my blog back in January to release my creativity and get feedback so that I could continue to improve in my ability of the Arts.  It has been such a pleasant experience getting inspiration from wonderful talent and I truly am amazed by how much of it exists out there.  It is always nice to hear from you and to know that sometimes, I can inspire others as well. 

It is now quite late here in OHIO, I took all of the responses to my Candy Giveaway, wrote the names down on paper, sliced the names (as evenly as possible), rolled up the names (with some help from McKenzie), and placed them in a can to shake, stir, and pick a winner.

McKenzie was very excited to help so the hands in the pictures are hers.....LOL!  I did a series of pics during this entire process to show that I am honest, and even though I do not use random number generator, a winner can be selected just as fairly as a computer (maybe even more so doing it the old fashioned way).  Heck, I still make my kids choose straws and pick a number 1-10 when they have trouble agreeing.  If that isn't sufficient, a friendly game of Rock, Paper, Scissors, usually works!

OK, I have been long winded enough.......

The Winner of the ultimate candy is.............Sherrie K (Sherrie Scraps with passion)

CONGRATULATIONS Sherrie, please send me an email at strgazrblueyes22477 at yahoo to let me know your mailing addy so I can get your yummy goodies over to you!!!  I am planning a trip to the Post Office 2moro (fingers crossed), I will let you know for sure when the prize is on its way!   :O)

Thanks for stopping by
Happy Crafting!


  1. Congrats to winner and nice traditional way you chose it too!

  2. Wahooo!!!!! Thank you so much Jessica!! I am tickled that I won:)
    I am sending an email off to you right now with my info:)
    Thanks again!!
    Sherrie K
    jskoning at msn dot com


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