Saturday, June 4

How to Copy and Paste a blinkie or picture to your blog

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I have tested both my "JCS Blinkie" and my "Cardmakers' Bill of Rights" blinkie to be sure it is working properly.  It is working on my end of things.  But I know a few people who are having some troubles getting them posted on their own blogs.  I figured I would do a quick post to help guide you through the process.....

Steps to follow:
1 - Highlight all of the text in the box below the blinkie
2 - Once the text is highlighted, press Ctrl+C (at the same time)
3 - Click Design at the top of Blogger
4 - Click Add a Gadget on your sidebar
5 - Scroll down to HTML/Java script and select
6 - Once this box appears, you can give it a title, then place your cursor in the Content Box
7 - When you see your cursor blinking, hold down Ctrl+V (the text you copied in step 2 should now appear in the content box)
8 - Click Save
9 - Now go to your blog home page and test to see if it has worked.
(My JCS Blinkie should redirect you to my Home Page and the Cardmakers' BOR should redirect you to that post)

Now, if the blinkie image you post is too wide for your can follow these steps to resize the image:
1 - Open the Gadget box where you placed the image
2 - Find the words border=0
3 - place your cursor in front of the b in the word border
4 - now type in the following:  width="160" height="200" (you may have to change up the dimensions according to your sidebar sizes, but this should eliminate the blinkie from moving into your post box)

Hope this helps all of you out there that needed just a 
bit of extra guidance.

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Happy Crafting!

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  1. Jessica dear Thank You for making it so simple.Now its working. Yipee!


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