Thursday, March 31

Diva of the Month

I am so excited to announce that the fine ladies at Creative Scrapbooking Divas have given me the great honor of showcasing my talents on their site as Diva of the Month for April!!!!

It is a wonderful privilege to me to have such talented women say they admire my work.  I have enjoyed every minute I have spent blogging, creating, and playing in their challenges.

Please follow their blog and join in on the fun!!!!!!

Monday, March 28

One more "special" box down

I was able to finish Gabriella's special box today.  She loved it.

She preferred cupcakes and cherries.  It's a little on the "shabby"side because she was eager to have it back to start putting her specials in it.

I have to credit Sandy at CSDivas on the inspiration . She has an awesome tutorial on her blog to follow and make your own. This was just one of the AMAZING challenges I participated in during the CSDivas Online Crop for March marking their One Year Anniversary.

Thanks again, Divas, for an awesome time.

Wednesday, March 23

New Projects

I have been quite busy completing new projects.  Most of the items I completed were challenges at Scrappy Gifts Online Crop with Maryanne and Creative Scrapbooking Divas 1st anniversary Crop.  The challenges and games were so much fun.  I always look forward to participating in all the monthly events.
Maryanne's Online Crops are usually organized with one daily game and one daily challenge.  

Thursday, March 17, 2011 was about completing a project that used 2 different papers that were green and the word LUCK/LUCKY had to be incorporated (for St. Patrick's Day, of course).

I chose to compete a LO that highlighted how lucky we were to get our Parrot, Paulie (I know, the name is not so original, but he was 15 years old at the time we got him and it wouldn't be fair to change his name now).  I used yellow and green card stock, 3 separate patterned papers (all green mostly) and even added a few of Paulie's feathers we were given at the vet's office.  The story explains, in a fairytale-type theme, how we acquired Paulie.

Friday's challenge was to Scraplift this. Maryanne says "This is just one of many saved pictures that I have for inspiration so I didn't create this layout. 
Make a card, altered item or layout using this as inspiration. I love how everything is pulled to the center and it's quite simple. Adorable colors too. Very springy! =D  Must have journaling, title or some text."

I chose to do a page that included Lance and I's very first ever picture taken together in the Summer of 2006.  

For Saturday's challenge, all participants "hopped" around each other's blogs and explained items that inspired them to create an item of their own.  After following Maryanne for the last several months, she has inspired me to create many things.  The latest of which, were altered Memo Boards.  

I took a traditional black framed memo board and did some mod podge all around with several patterned card stock and papers.  I plan to put a clear coat over top to eliminate tackiness, but the rain is hindering me from finishing.

This board is a Safari themed board that would fit perfect in a little boys room.

Since there will be no Online Crop in April, Monday's challenge was to do a Easter/Spring Themed card, layout, or altered item. The item had to include at least one of these colors: pink, yellow, green, blue, or white AND at least one of these objects: flower, butterfly, duck, bunny, eggs, or chick.

Spring is one of my favorite seasons.  When we bought our home in 2007, I was pleasantly surprised when Spring arrived.  The woman who lived here before us was a member of the Garden Club and the entire yard was full of beautiful flowers.  I plan to show off my garden once I get to take some pictures this month to add to the LO I finished for this challenge.

I wasn't fortunate enough to find the time to complete Tuesday's challenge, but so wanted to.  I think it would be great to create a RECIPE for others to follow in future crops.  I had some great ideas, but just didn't get the chance to submit them on time.  Sorry, Maryanne.  

For the Creative Scrapbooking Divas Online Crop their challenges are a little different.  There is a group of Design Team (DT) Administrator Divas who each have several challenges going on at the same time.  With a final deadline to submit all entries, you can choose which challenges to complete first.  The Crop offered a lot of laughter and I had a blast.  It would be very difficult to pick a favorite.

Challenge 1 was a Lucky Diva Crop Technique Challenge with Sandy.  The object of this challenge was to make an anniversary/congratulation card using one of the techniques mentioned in her cardmaking/stamping group, which you can join by becoming a Diva. Sandy offers great tutorials that are super easy to follow.  

The first card I created sorta fell outside the realms of the challenge.  In other words, I didn't quite follow directions.  I made a birthday card instead of an anniversary/congrats card.  I guess I had a blonde moment.  This was made using the Gate Fold technique.

I decided to create a second card that did follow directions.  This time I chose to do an anniversary/congrats card for my mom.  She has been with the Senior Companion program for 10 years now.  She offers company and help to the elderly by visiting them regularly each week.  She takes time to help them clean, go grocery shopping, visit their doctors, and time just playing games and talking.  I am so proud of her for volunteering her time to help others.  She is truly an inspiration to me in all that I do.  I used the Easel Card tutorial to make this card.  

Challenge 2 was a Sketch Challenge with Pam.  I was able to "kill two challenges with one bird" for this one.  Since the two Online Crops were taking place at the same time, my LO that showcased my bird Paulie fit the guidelines of this challenge as well.

Challenge 3 was a Lucky Diva Crop Color Challenge with Alecia.  The idea of this challenge was to create a LO using these colors:

It's as easy as that, try to use just these three if you can, or one or two of the three, plus neautrals (white,black,gray,kraft) to create something with happy spring colors!

Challenge 4 was a Progressive Layout Challenge with Pam.  Step by Step instructions led the way.  Each step was due by a deadline (which I missed because the kids were very "Mommy Needy" this day).  But, nonetheless, I finished the challenge and had fun creating the layout.  It was refreshing to hop around the craft room looking for specific items to create the layout as described in each step.  I chose to do a LO that featured my daughter's 3rd birthday.  My friend and I baked and decorated a Barbie cake for her that year.  She thought it was the best thing ever.
Challenge 5 was a Stash Challenge with Sandy.  The object of this challenge was to go through your stash of goodies and find 5 different things... ready??? You need: one box, 2 pattern papers, 1 ribbon, stickers or stamp set!
Yep, that's it!  This project should take you all of 20-30 min to complete.  Sandy says "I did two different ones as an example.  For the first one, I used a small shoe box, 2 pp in my daughter's favorite colors, 1 flower ribbon and Disney princess/ letter stickers."

This challenge fit so well into my life, because my kids keep their "specials" in an old shoe box slid under their beds.  I was able to cover my son, Lance Jr's, box allowing him to pick the patterned paper and stickers.  He hasn't stopped carrying it around since it was finished.  Now my daughter Ariana wants one and Gabriella will be able to help me cover hers when she arrives tonight.  What fun!!!

To all the wonderful ladies who participated, THANKS  for a fun-filled weekend! And to all the DT Admin members....GREAT JOB on your first ever Online Crop.  I would rate it an absolute SUCCESS! 

Sunday, March 13

CSDivas Lucky Divas Online Crop

Luck Divas Online Crop

Join in on the fun over at Creative Scrapbooking Divas.  They are celebrating their 1st Year Anniversary!   

Tuesday, March 1

Heritage, Wisdom, and Advice

So, I was attempting to finish a collage of my ancestors and just got it done.  It took some extra time that I had not anticipated because I got caught up in my research on  I love how it turned out.  This collage was a work on my paternal grandmother's family dating back to the Revolutionary War.  In my research, I stumbled upon information that led me to the fact that I am a distant relative of Emily Elizabeth Dickinson.  To me, this was beyond COOL.  I always admired her writings and poetry.

I started by piecing together the backdrop with different shades of blue.  Then I determined where to layout the pictures and name tags.


I added some accent ribbon behind each picture and name tag to show the actual "line" lineage.
I started with myself and my twin sister, Jennifer.

I ended with Emily Dickinson.

Then the added finishing touches of affixing the pictures to the line and small accents to complete.
and Ta Daaa...

I look forward to doing a few more as gifts for some of my family members.  My mom, my sisters, my brothers, and a few cousins as well.  I took it upon myself to be a "keeper" of all of our heritage data.  I am the last of 13 children that my beautiful mother brought into this world.  I say Mother, only, as she struggled to raise each and everyone of us on her own.  She is a true inspiration to me and I honestly can say, that I would not be the mother I am today without her wisdom and advice.  So, what better way to thank her, by acknowledging the moral values that were passed to her and then passed to all of us children, and displaying them in a priceless collage of our heritage.

Sugar Pop Ribbons Silhouette Giveaway

I was just recently made aware of an Awesome! giveaway over at Sugar Pop Ribbons! 
Take a look....   Sugar Pop Ribbons Silhouette Giveaway !!!
The Silhouette SD prize pack is a value of $375.  How great it would be to design unique creations on glass, or vinyl cutouts to decorate any room in the house, or any of the other cool things the Silhouette can do to enhance your creative genius. 
Get in on the FUN!!!!!

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