Tuesday, May 31

Recycled Crayons make cool Earth and Planet shapes

I also picked up an idea a while back at Katie's Nesting Spot, to recycle old crayons by melting them down.  It was super fun to let the kids pick the paper from the crayons first.  They love doing that and they also loved arranging the colors together.  After all that was finished, we chose which colors we wanted to mix together.  I had originally seen this idea around Earth Day celebration and thought it would be really cool to put the blues, greens, and whites together to see if they would turn out as good as Katie's had.  The end results were great.  

I am very happy to be entering this creation into the C.R.A.F.T. Challenge #104 - Alter/Recycle

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  1. They look so cool! I used to do art projects where I melted the crayons and poured them onto stuff when I was a little kid (with supervision of course).

  2. Very cool! Great way to recycle those crayons!

  3. I used to make these with all the left crayons my students had and give them away as prizes. The students thought they were amazing.


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