Friday, January 28

Need To Vent?

I haven't gotten around to much crafting the last two days.  My family and my day 2 day responsibilities have been at my heartstrings.  Hope everyone is having fun participating in the Online Crop.  Drop me a comment to tell me any obstacles you have ran into the last few days or just to breath a sigh of relief because you don't want to feel alone if its been a rough few days.  Or on the flip side of things, if you have something exciting to share about the last few days, feel free to share that as well.

Tuesday, January 25

Guest Sponsor for Thursday's Online Crop

I am pleased to be a guest sponsor at Scrappy Gifts for this month's Online Crop starting Thursday January 27th.   Thanks so much Maryanne for all your help and advice and especially for the opportunity to share my ideas with the scrappy gifts community!  Many blessings to you and yours!
Happy Scrapping to you All.

The Kids Keep Me Optimistic

Well, as if surgery wasn't enough to drag me away from my crafts, I am still having sleepy side effects from the anesthesia almost 2 weeks later...ugghhhh.  I was able to work on some little projects with Lance Jr. and Ariana.  They each helped me create a door sign for their rooms.  It was simple, but they enjoyed it so much.  Love You bunches my little angels.

Saturday, January 22

My 1st Scrappy Saturdays

I am excited to be participating with others who share the same interests in craft projects as myself.  Still trying to decide which project to highlight for my first ever Scrappy Saturdays....hmmmm...maybe another cup of coffee will help to inspire my creative genious!
If you would like to join in on the fun....all are welcome!

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