Wednesday, June 22

Made it to the Post Office to ship all the goodies!!!

Well, I just got back from a very easy trip to the Post Office.  I had anticipated it was going to take a lot longer, and cost a lot more.  To my surprise, the Postal Worker was very kind and offered a gentle smile despite my arms being full and having to use my rear end to open the doors....LOL!  6 packages to all corners of the globe and it cost well under $30.00!!!  Woo Hoo!!!
So, just wanted to let all the recipients of goodies know your packages are on their ways!!!

Jennifer (Sissyfer) - Your card should arrive in 3 days
Judi (My June RAK partner) - Your RAK will be there in 3-5 days
David (my dd's Dad) - Happy Father's Day to you in 2 days  :( so sorry its late
Sherrie K (Blog Candy Winner) - Your Blog Candy will arrive in about 5 days
Dr. Sonia SV - they estimated it would take about 10 days to get your goodies
Kassidy (Inking It Up Crazy with Kassidy) - The Troops' cards will be there by the end of the week I hope!

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  1. Jessica I had missed this post and so the arrival of the parcel was a big surprise. Thank You so much dear and you had to spend so much too!No wonder my husband thinks bloggers are crazy!! and super sweet too!


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