Tuesday, October 11

Goodwill Hunting (Episode 2)

Hunting at the local Goodwill today was fun.  I was hoping to score some Crafty Goodies, and that I did.  I was a bit sad that I  didn't find a large assortment of buttons, but I did not leave empty handed.  I found 3 large freezer bags full of fibers that were full of gorgeous color assortments.  I also scored a set of 16 small rubber stamps with different designs and patterns on each.   The ideas are already zinging through my head.  I also found a beautiful large rubber foliage stamp....love it.  I couldn't leave without the box of paper leaves from IKEA and the small wooden coffin.  They were both screaming at me to take them off the shelf.   Finally, a porch flag for Springtime (never opened).  I left the store with all of these fabby finds for only $6.00!!!

SCORE!!    SCORE!!!   SCORE!!!

Thanks for stopping and sharing in my excitement with me!!!!

Until next Time....


  1. wow...awesome haul, that is amazing. WTG

  2. Awesome!! I think I might need to visit my local goodwill. See what kind of goodies are waiting for me to find them lol.



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