Monday, October 10

Blogger is limiting the number of blogs I follow

Today is I was trying to add a blog that I, at one time followed, but no longer see on my list, I got a message I had never seen before.  The message stated I had "reached my limit of 300 blogs" and are unable to add any more at this time.   Unfortunately, this means that I will have to adjust the list.  I do not want anyone to take personal offense to this, as I love visiting so many of you regularly.   I am going to take some time to recollect my decisions to follow and sadly delete those whose blogs aren't as familiar to me.  I am sure there are many blogs that I have on my follow list, that may not even post regularly.  This will open the opportunity for me to follow newer blogs.

Again, please do not take this as a personal attack as it has no bearing on how I feel about your blog or your creations in particular.  It is just something that "HAS" to be done.



  1. Oh no! That's so weird. Blogger has been disappointing me lately too. Maybe you can bookmark the extra ones instead?

  2. Wow! I never knew we have a limit. I wonder how many i have on my list. Do you know how to check????
    Hugs Nat

  3. Yes Jessica its a very unfortunate situation the only option is to un follow and bookmark

  4. oh never heard of that before, hopefully its just a bug and will let you after.

  5. I have over 600 subscriptions according to Reader. Maybe you just caught Blogger in one of its moods...

  6. Hi, Jessica! saw you on The Outlawz and became a follower! Love your blog!

  7. I've never heard of this! I have no idea how many I follow! I do know that I received an email saying I have to many photos and had to purchase more space! Which of course I did because I was in the middle of a post and had no choice!

  8. Wanted to let you know you won at blog: Ribbon's & Glue. Read below:

    Monday, October 10, 2011
    Blog Candy Winner......
    Thank you so much for all the great feedback's I received on my project, Harvest Blessings!

    I just couldn't pick someone myself, I wanted everyone to win blog candy so I had to go with boring "True Random Number Generator" which popped up as
    # 10 Jessica's Craft Shaque.
    Jessica said she likes peanut butter cups and so do I, my daughter's name is Reese. Yeah, Jessica!

    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

  9. Hi Jessica- e-mail me your address so I can get your blog candy out in the mail! Yeah.

  10. It must be your lucky day! You won my blog candy too! Please send me your addy!

  11. I can't believe it limited you on your blogs--I've never seen that before. Congrats on your winnings!! At least that was good luck, huh? ;D

  12. Congrats on all the wins, Jessica! And oh wow, I've heard that blogger only allowed you to follow 300 but I have never heard of it affecting anyone. Gah, I follow like 1,000! I don't know what I'd do :(

    I'm home now, a little exhausted, but working on getting all caught up after a two week vacation out West! Hope you are doing well my sweet friend and thank you so much for faithfully stopping by my blog while I was gone :) I apologize in advance for inundating your inbox, but I have to see all the projects I missed while I was gone! :D


  13. wow, I never knew that :-( I have no idea how many I follow either, but I know it's a LOT. I wonder when I'll get that message. That stinks :-(

  14. so eloquently put Jessica, I'm sure everyone will understand. And hopefully someone will have an answer to why that happened and you don't have to stop joining. That really doesn't seem fair to be limited to how many you can join. I like your blog, and I follow you, I frequent The Outlawz :)

  15. I had no idea there was a limit. If there is, I believe they should make an exception for you Jessica. You always have such amazing things to say to everyone. You certainly brighten my day when you stop by. Hopefully this gets fixed. If not, I'm sure people will understand.
    Take care,


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