Thursday, May 5

Blog Problems - EEK GADS

Hello Fellow Bloggers.  I wanted to reach out to all my faithful readers and to those that I follow to inform you that I am experiencing some issues with my Blogger Updates.  My list of blogs that I follow keeps playing an impressive Houdini act and sometimes you see 'em and sometimes you don't.  I have sent my concern to the Help department, but who knows how long this problem will persist. 

Please accept my sincere apologies if I am not stopping by your blogs to say hello as it is a daunting task to flip back and forth from my settings just to get to your blogs.  I love looking at your blogs to see your latest creations and it is quite unfortunate and depressing that this has been interrupted.

Here's to praying this will be resolved quickly.  Don't want to miss too much in BlogLand!!!!

Happy Crafting and Blogging to you all!


  1. Hey Hey,,,i've been having the same problem..i've been out of touch for 3 days...finally i go to my profile and i'm going down the list one at a time to check on everyone...boy oh boy i think i follow over 500 blogs, it's going to take me a while eh????
    hoping it fixes

  2. Jessica,
    The same thing happened to me. I am trying to keep your lovely blog award going. One thing that is weird though is that all my blog updates were there in Google Reader. So, thank GOD for that!

    I can at least re-create it if I need to. I hope yours come back. If you her something from Blogger let me know :) Happy Blogging!


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