Wednesday, May 4

Thank You Jen for this Awesome Award

I came to my computer to check out BlogLand and was honored to have received this awesome award from Jen at Jen's Craft Corner

Your Blog has been deemed Cricut-tastic! Wear this Badge proudly on your Blog and share it with friends! Since Cricut is 5 years old and they have an E2 out, share this award with 10 people that you think have Cricut-tastic Blogs! You also have to tell 5 Cricut Related things about yourself.

So, here are 5 Cricut-tastic things about me:
1. I became fascinated with the Cricut the first time I saw it on HSN.
2.I love making banners for upcoming celebrations with my Cricut.
3. I've only had my Cricut since Christmas.  It was the only thing I really wanted as a gift and my wonderful fiance bought it for me.
4. I have 7 cartridges, but want them all!!!
5. My favorite cartridge right now is Graphically Speaking!
So, there you have it! 
I would like to pass this award onto 10 fellow bloggers:


  1. Thank you so much, Jessica! That is super sweet of you! :)

  2. OMG thank you so much. You have no idea how much this means to me to receive this award. I am trying so hard to get my blog noticed and just started in Feb the one yr anniversary of my double mastectomy. I in the few short months of blogging have already changed directions. I was given this gift of a blog by a friend in Dallas. Her name is Kari of KariandCo. When Istarted blogging I thought all I wanted to blog about was papercrafting but in the small amount oftime I have been blogging and the journey that Ive taken over the last 17 months from being diagnosed I have really decided that Ilove so much more than papercrafting. I love parties. Everything to do wit hthem. Kari has been a gem with creating my blog and recreating every time I have an idea. It to me was a huge gift the blogthat is as it really has made me realize my passion and I have made the best friends in doing so. Thanksagain and ican not wait to pass it on to those that Ithink that deserve it. There is so much talent out there. So it will be difficult to decide but Ialready havea few in mind that definitely deserve it. hugs Stacey M aka pinksugar

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  4. Hey girl saw your comment about couponing on my blog iwill explain the extreme to you oremail you about some sites to go to to get started ok. I so get the expensive grocery bills cause ihave a ton of doc bills so any bills ican offset with other s is great for me. I will help you out but you need some supplies missy before you get started I will email you a list of what you need to be organized and noa n acordian coupon file does not work at all especially when you are chasing 5 kids through the store let alonethe one ihave. Hugs stacey

  5. Thank you sooo much. It is so sweet of you to think of me and my blog for an award. I am truly honored that you would pick me.


  6. Jesica- I am one of your newest followers and thanks forall the comments I have had technical difficulties all week with my back so that is the reason my Elmo party is not up. But the coupon comment spawned a whole new subject. I have peeps asking me to tell how to do. So over at my blog I adresses it. I need a show of hands on who really wants to learn this and if I get enough of a following andenough comments on it I will stream a show live where by I will tell how to get started and what to do. I need a show of hands and even if you have friends that are interested. I need comments because if I do not have enough interested in the stream beause of the time it takes to prepare to teach that and ihave taught it before. Way before the show ever started then I will have to weigh whether it is worth it to do. So if you have peeps that are interested send them over to read my entry about it and tell them that I ned comments on what it is they want to know and learn .Is it to learn couponing to bein with ?? How to stack and find your sources for coupons, how to get started what. So as soon as Isee more interest Iwill stream. It is a rush toget your bill so low. especially when you walk away with 3x the amount for what you would have spent for one item. Thanks again for your kind comments and for the award. Send them over your friends and followers to tell me whatthey want to see and I will go over comments and getthe class rolling. Hugs Stacey


I so enjoy reading your comments and love hopping back over to your blog to see your latest and greatest!
:O) Jessica B.
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