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♪ Showcase at the Shaque ♪ Amy England

Are you looking for the
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 On the 13th of each month, I will be inviting a Guest to
SHOWCASE at The Shaque!
There will be a series of 13 questions that they will answer
in hopes to make new connections 
across Cyber Space and Blog Land 
as well as teach you a few fun facts about themselves 
that you may not know.

For today's Guest, I am honored to have my fabulous Blend,
Amy England

Please join me in Welcoming Amy and leaving her some love!!!

What’s your name?

Amy England

2. What is the name and link of your blog?  How long have you been blogging? 


My first post was on May 6, 2011, but I was writing for other people's couponing blogs for several years before that.  
Extreme couponing was kind of my introduction into the blogging world. 
(Yes, I was one of those crazies that got almost all of our groceries and household items for free!)

 3.  What is your favorite craft to work with (type, technique, style)?

Absolutely paper crafting as a whole.  That being said, everything is ever-changing with me.  I started as strictly a scrapbooker, and then learned card making.  Cricut was my big focus, but I've evolved into stamping, coloring, and working with inks making backgrounds.  I used to paint in oils, and am slowly moving back that direction...but just on paper and with ink instead!

4. Do you have other hobbies?

I've been a musician all my life.  I've played guitar for nearly 40 years and used to sing professionally (MANY years ago!)  Music was my first true passion.  I've  also dipped into painting, sewing, cake decorating, volunteering for local schools and charities, teaching guitar and/or voice, couponing, and photography...just to name a few!! 

5. How did you get started in the Craft World?

I can't really pinpoint it, since it's always been a part of my life.  I was always in some sorts of arts and crafts class in school, I got into sewing clothes for my kids when they were little (I still have the dress I made for my daughter's first took one yard of material, six yards of lace, and seven yards of ribbon!) I started painting while watching Bob Ross on PBS (raise your hand if you remember him!)  Eventually, I went to a craft night with a friend at her church and watched them scrapbook.  That was probably 5 or 6 years ago, and I've been hooked ever since!

6. Where are you from? 

That's a trick question!  I live in Seattle but have lived all over the country.  Here's the Cliff Notes:  I was born in Georgia, then...TX, GA (again) Canada (BC) WA, CA, CO, NM, CT, TX (again) NM (again) and WA (finally!)  I went to 14 different schools if that paints you a picture!

7. If you could give a tip to a new crafter/blogger, what would it be?


First and foremost, believe in yourself and what you're doing.  Art is very personal, and you should never allow anyone to tell you that what you're doing isn't correct.  As far as blogging is concerned, write about what you love, and post often!  I've learned that people will actually come and read what you have to say, but only if you give them something TO READ!

8. Name some things that you have learned this year, that you are glad  you  learned?

Craftwise: I've learned how to stamp and color...mostly with watercolor pencils and a water pen.
Blogwise: I'm learning how to grow my blog and make it my passion.  I hope to be able to turn it into a career one day.
9. Do you have anything personal you wish to share with the readers?
I could write for DAYS about my family, but I'll give you the short and sweet version.  I have two grown children who are the light in my life.  My son and his extraordinary wife live in Texas and work at a Medical University. They're both happy, healthy,successful, and in the process of adopting a baby!

My daughter graduated high school and community college on the same day!  She went on to earn her BA at 20 years old, and has been in her dream career for the past 5 years at an incredible place called the Abused Deaf Women's Advocacy Services.

My husband is simply the best.  Period.  Sorry ladies!  He's a three time cancer survivor, and the strongest, most positive person I've ever known.  I look at him every day and wonder how I got so lucky.  

10. What are your future ambitions?

Personal: to get a severe neck injury fixed so I can start doing more in life!
Professional: to take my blog to the next level and eventually turn it into a career.
Crafting: get my son and DIL's wedding scrapbook finished, since they've been married now for 2 1/2 years!

11. What challenges have you faced, but conquered in crafting?

Learning to color is the most current one.  Now my next challenge is to get on a Design Team...any takers?!?!  Ha ha!
12.  When told you would be interviewed for this Guest Post, what
question were you hoping to be asked?


Oh my goodness, I hadn't thought about it, but I was hoping to be able to work bragging about my family in there somewhere..and I did!  I guess it would be, tell me more about how you got your craft room for FREE!!!

13.  What answer would you give to the unasked question? 

Well, of course!  I always love to talk about that!  I have some neighbors that are great at building and design.  They also like to go on frequent vacations but have three HUGE dogs at home.  We decided to trade dog/house sitting for a craft room!!  In exchange for my keeping an eye on things for them and hanging with their dogs, they designed and built me my dream craft room.  They put in new flooring and special art lighting, redid electrical outlets, built me a custom L shaped 14 foot long desk, custom built the paper shelf of my dreams, and even made me a Dutch door so that I can keep my dogs away from the craft stuff, yet they can still hear and see me and not stress out that I spend ALL my time in my room!  

Here's a link to the post about my room, if you're interested in checking it out!

I would love to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU JESSICA!!!  Not only have you built a fun virtual place for us to come hang out, but you've taken a key role in helping to promote our crafting/blogging community to the next level!!!  We all love you dearly!

Here are the wonderful projects Amy is sharing
for her Showcase at the Shaque

Isn't this a wonderful altered planner?
We all know how much I enjoy
altering notebooks, so Amy is after my own heart with this project!
And, to boot, she used Purple > My Favorite Color EVER!
You can read all the details about
this wonderful creation
~ HERE ~

Isn't this fantastic???  I love the wonderful pictures
she placed on the front and who
can resist that handmade
flower on the front.
I just have to share some
other pictures
of the inside too

Be sure to stop over and
watch the fun video Amy put
to highlight this gorgeous Address Book
~ HERE ~

Then stop over to Amy's Blog to 
peek at ALL of her
creative talents!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Thank You
to  AMY
for being 
my October Guest
Showcase at the Shaque
13 Q&A's on the 13th

I hope to have a guest on the 13th of every month
and would love to 
have my Blends join me.
If you are interested in being 
Showcased at the Shaque
please send me an email at
with the following details:
1. Your name and Blog address
2. Which months work for you to be showcased (at least 3 top picks)
{right now I am accepting Guests starting as soon as December}
3. A picture of a NEW project you have created
to share on your Showcase Post
4. Any questions or comments you may have regarding this opportunity
5. Please put Showcase at the Shaque in the subject line of your email
♪  ♪  ♪  ♪  ♪  ♪  ♪

Jessica S


  1. This was such a fun post Jessica. Thanks for introducing us to your blend.

  2. Oh my stars.... what a fun and creative idea abut having a showcase on your blog. I learned so much about Amy and it makes me want to jump over and read her blog and become a follower... her blog planner is awesome and i am going to go watch her video on how she made her address book along with going and checking out her killer scrapbook room. WOW.
    This is killer and you did such a great job!!!! love it keep it up i am sure to come every time to see whom you have showcased:)
    Scrappin Madge

  3. Love the showcase all about AMY! She is so sweet and talented and I learned things that I never knew! Love your showcases at the Shaque!


  4. What a wonderful post it was nice to get to know Amy better. Hi there Amy.
    hugs Diana
    Great idea Jessica

  5. Hi Amy,
    WOW!!This is Gorgeous!!!A very Funny interview!!You were great!!
    Have a wonderful day,

  6. Thanks Amy for sharing your story and projects with us! LOVE your awesome mini album and really enjoyed hearing about your family and crafting experience. You have a lot to be proud of when it comes to your family and I'm sure they love watching you create!


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