Saturday, March 31

***BLOG CANDY*** Just send a postcard!

****BLOG CANDY****
Well, it is no surprise how much I LOVE UNITY STAMPS!  And, I know a lot of my followers do too.
So, I will offer a Unity Stamp Co. set (just got a huge shipment today) from my collection...NEW, never used, to a random participant.
Unity Stamp Company

Crafty BLENDS..."MOUNT UP"... Please consider helping a dear sweet teacher of mine whose granddaughter is needing postcards from different regions of the USA
for a school project. It would mean the world to me and would be so amazing to help her out.  AND the class with the most postcards gets a PRIZE!!!

Plus . . . 
I will offer ****BLOG CANDY**** 
to one lucky person who joins in and sends her one. I will be coordinating with Karen A Beck (a former teacher from Middle School that I am still quite fond of even after all these years. I ♥ you Mrs. Beck) and make sure that those who participate get put in my lucky drawing. 
Please leave me a comment on this post to let me know you want to join the fun and have sent yours 
to the address below!

this is the address to send your postcard to

    • Karen A Beck Thank so much, Jessica!

    • Jessica Shelton Happy to help out. Is there a way that you could keep me posted if she gets any cards from my crafty friends? That way I can offer up some fun crafty blog candy to one random winner who helped out?
Please consider joining in the fun and be a part of making the day for this special little girl. 
We can all make some awesome cards, layouts, and altered items, but this one is quite simple and a bit different from the norm we are all used to.  Just a Postcard!!! 
I think I am even going to use my Pink by Design Postcard stamp for this. YAY!!!
How cool would it be to see her face when all the POSTCARDS start trickling in from my crafty friends from all over the USA?

Keep Crafting 


  1. Awesome Jess!!! U r fan-freakin-tastic!!! :)

  2. Hey Jess!! I have 2 different postcards I could send....does she want them filled out or just the postcards blank? I would LOVE to help out!!

  3. Wow, what an idea....thanks for the info...

  4. This is really sweet of you to help out. I will try my best to get one sent off to her. If I do, I will come back and let you know. Is there a date she needs them by??

  5. I'm joining in. Have the post card ready and will pop it in the mail in the morning.

  6. I was going to do this even before I saw your blog definitely going to spread the word! Let's get those post-cards blazing through the mail!! Fun idea!

  7. Jessica, can you clarify whether the post card needs to be specifically about the State it comes from? (like it needs to be a California post card from California? Or can it be a hand stamped one etc?

  8. Morning Dear! You know I would love to help Ms. Beck! She has to be one of my all time fav teachers. i have some post cards from Holland and I will ask my Aunt to send me some more today! Tell Ms. Beck I said hi and miss her 7 layer brownies!

  9. I mailed my post card today! All the way from Arizona!

  10. Hi Miss Jessica,

    I can send post cards from Maryland and the District of Columbia. My husband just came back from Florida and brought some post cards (Key West) would you like those too?

    Hugs & Kisses,


  11. Would LOVE to help her out with this! I was considering making one but I think it'll be much cooler if I take a short drive to Waikiki and pick up a "Aloha from Hawaii" vintage postcard. :)

  12. Jessica, I sent my post card from California today! Hope Anna hears from people all over the US!

  13. Thank you so much for leaving this link on the sweet comment you left on my giraffe umbrella card. We are no longer in Alaska. :( We are currently back in South Carolina. BUT.... I do have postcards I bought while in Alaska.... if I can find them.... If I find them, I'll send you some. I try to collect postcards everywhere we go. If I find my stash, I should have Alaska, Georgia, Texas, and South Carolina... but that's IF IF IF I find where I put them. Hugs!! When is the deadline?

  14. This is SO great Jessica. I would love to join in and help. Thanks so much for letting us know. What a great blog candy to offer your followers. Terri of Two Pink Peas

  15. Hey Jessica! Postcard went out in the mail today. :)


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