Monday, December 19

Makin' It To The Mailbox Monday {MITTMM} #8

Welcome to the 8th week of  
Makin' it to the Mailbox Mondays!

I started this installment series to showcase the generosity that floods our Crafty Blogging Community.  So many times we receive a very generous prize from a dear friend and this is where we can shout out "THANK YOU" to those who really deserved it.

You are the people behind the Magic of Making My Day!!!

I want to take this opportunity to shout a huge

Thank You Clip Art
to all of you who have shown me your kindness and  your generosity.
Every week (if time is available), on Monday I will be posting a new installment of Makin' it to the Mailbox Mondays, where I will give a proper shout out to the generosity I have experienced first hand each and every week!  I hope you will take the opportunity to visit all of the wonderful and talented bloggers that I mention each week, to see their beautiful creations.  Those of you who know me, know I wouldn't steer you in the wrong direction.  There is so much to see and all of these fine ARTISTS are just a click away!!!

First up, I would like to offer a sincere THANK YOU to  the entire Team at The Chick Callenges {with Ippity} Blog for wonderful inspiration and regular challenges using your {Ippity} by Unity Stamps.  If you haven't noticed yet . . . .I LOVE {IPPITY}!!!!  Thanks also goes to {Ippity Chick} Noelle of Noelle Scraps A Lot! for being such a generous sponsor for  Chick Challenge #8 for which I had the honor of being chosen as the winner.  She was so sweet to offer an awesome set of stamps that I had been wanting for a little while now and she was SO SUPER FAST on shipping them to me.  
THANK YOU SO MUCH Noelle and ALL of {Ippity} Chicks!!!
{ippity} Here and Now

My camera is being stubborn, so I decided to use this picture to show the stamps
I also want to invite you to look at the wonderful stamps Unity has to offer at exceptional pricing.  Another option to purchase your {Ippity} by Unity is to chose an {Ippity} Chick Near You as your own personal sales chick. 

The current Chick Challenge starts today, too.  So hurry over, order a few new stamps, and  join in on the challenges . . .

I hope that if I have inadvertently left anyone out of this gracious THANK YOU, that you all know you are all included in my thoughts, past and present.  Please, if you wish for me to do a shout out to you in a future Makin' it to the Mailbox Monday, don't hesitate to remind me of a prize you sent my way, and I will do my best to give you the credit you so rightfully deserve!!!

Also, if you would like to show off your own winnings, just title your post Makin' it to the Mailbox Monday and if I am your follower, I will gladly stop by to read it once I see it at my dashboard.  Or, if you'd like, you can leave a link with your comment below.  I would love to see the happiness that greets others in their Monday Mailboxes :O)


Happy Crafting and Until Next Time


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