Wednesday, November 2

Can you offer just $3.00 to a worthy cause??? GIANT Gypsy Giveaway

A short while back, I was blessed to stumble upon a blog that opened my eyes to a world of triumph, compassion, and support.   I had to hear the nasty word CANCER, but the words that followed made my heart sing with joy and heartfelt compassion that spreads like wildfire through my soul.

Cancer has been a word that I have known the meaning of since a very young and tender age.  My grandmother, Florence, was stricken with cancer when I was a mere 6 years old, in 1983.  I remember playing at her house on the weekends while my mother tended to her.  I remember the gentle smile that was always upon her face.  I will forever have those joyous memories and I know that she is no longer in pain and that she is looking down upon us all everyday.  The "nasty word" made an appearance in my life, once again in 1992, in my teens when my dear sweet Uncle David "Hoot" was stricken with the horrible disease.  Uncle Hoot was a Hoot to say the least.  He was the clown at all of our family picnics and parties and he was always known as our "cheapskate uncle"...LOL.  He really wasn't all that cheap, he just appreciated the all mighty dollar for its worth.  He no longer suffers and is in God's hands now.  Again, I know he looks upon us and watches over us all.   Cancer entered our lives again in 2000, when it took its toll on my other dear sweet Uncle Gary.  Uncle Gary was quiet and gentle, but loved to smile.  He was tall and slim and I remember he always needed to have a blanket around him during the winter time.  I think that I am similar to him in the aspect that I would love to leave the Ohio winters behind and travel to Florida for a few months just as he did every year.  He also, is missed and thought of often.  May God bless your soul and we will see you on the other side one day!

Now, you may be asking, "how did this Blog open your eyes, Jessica?"  You see, Cancer is a word that everyone knows the meaning of.  It is a disease that no one is ignorant to and that no one talks about often.  That was my perspective that is, until I started blogging earlier this year.  I have come across Link Up Parties, Blog Hops, and posts from friends that are spreading the news and raising awareness.   My eyes are open to the wonderful difference we can all make by sharing stories and spreading the word.

The Blog Hop with Kathie at Snippits & Cricuts  is the one that opened my eyes to the true beauty behind the wonderful community I feel blessed to have joined through Blogger.  Kathie celebrated her Blogaversary on October 23 and 24th.  She also celebrated her wonderful 60th Birthday.  The title of her Blog Hop was BLESSED TO BE 60!  Many might wonder why Kathie feels blessed to be 60.  Well, she is counting the blessings behind every BONUS birthday she gets to celebrate since she was diagnosed with Stage 3 Renal Cell (Kidney) Carcinoma. So every birthday after 55 has been a true blessing- a bonus birthday!

The Hop was full of beautiful creations from a talented group of crafters and loads of touching stories and information to raise awareness about different types of cancer.   Please take a moment to peek in at Day 1 and Day 2 of the Hop to read the posts and see the creations.

It  was also a means for Kathie to set a benchmark goal to request her followers and new friends to donate a minimal $3 to Kathie's cause at the Kidney Cancer Association.  Kathie has set a goal of $300 to be donated.  As of the time of this post, she is at $132 total donated so far.  That is almost half of her goal.  Can you offer just $3.00 to a worthy cause???  It is a minimal amount to offer if you think about the difference is could make and the feeling you get when you donate is truly priceless.

But wait.....there is more! For a $3.00 donation to the Kidney Cancer Association you have a chance to win Kathie's GIANT Gypsy Giveaway. Click HERE for more details about the giveaway. 
Total Prize Winnings:
Good Luck & if you already have one what a great holiday gift that would make!

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