Tuesday, September 20

WINNER from Goal Setting Encouragement Giveaway

OK, so I was totally psyched by all of the wonderful encouragement you all shared with me to get going on achieving my goal.  However, the brick wall I hit this time was unforgiving.  My computer got a horrible virus and it appeared someone was hacking into my IP Address.  This put a few cogs in my wheel and I didn't get the opportunity to finish the last two cards I had anticipated making before Saturday's Reunion.  I am just now able to blog again.  I now have my computer on the left of my desk and Lance's computer on the right.  I can do my blogging on his pc, but not mine.  It is a bit hectic to go back and forth with posting, downloading pics, and doing everyday tasks, but I am not complaining.  It could be worse...I could have NO ACCESS Whatsoever....and that would really bum me out.

Nonetheless, the Reunion was AWESOME.  Full of laughter and lots of smiles.  The basket was finished late Saturday morning (just before the start of the party).  It was so nice to see everyone going up to the basket and peeking at all of the cards inside.  Despite not having a Halloween and Easter card, it was still full of 15 other All Occasion cards.  We had a lot of new faces show up to the Reunion this year.  Some were family and others were guests of family members.  Each year we do basket raffles.  With this year being the first year that my mother's  cousin Priscilla was able to attend, I was overly ecstatic to see her win the basket I had put together.  She was so excited!!!  The other baskets were a Fishing Basket (loures, knives, string of fish and bobber lights, and other assorted goodies) and a Spa Basket (lotions, bath salts, eye mask, and other bath supplies).  One of my sisters even put together a door prize Mystery Basket.  Friends attending with another of my sisters were the winners of the Mystery Basket.  They made the comment, "Oh, I can't possibly accept that".  My sister enthusiastically announced, "the heck you can't".  Now, I will anxiously await the return of the Reunion in 2012!!!

So, my apologies go out to those of you who have been patiently awaiting the final drawing for the giveaway.  But as always, I know you all understand!!!!  Even though I didn't reach my goal, you all encouraged me to set more goals in the future.  And, maybe, just maybe, I will do another drawing in the near future!!!!

So without further ado...

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The winner is ....

comment #17 belonging to Amy E @ Scrap This, Save That 
Blogger Amy E said... Yay for card #2!!!!!

I will be sending you an email requesting your mailing address!!!

Thanks again to all of those for your wonderful encouragement!  It is deeply appreciated!!!


  1. Hopefully your computer will be fixed soon!! Glad that the reunion went well!!

  2. Contrast Amy, Jessica sorry to hear about the computer problems. Sounds like the reunion was a lot of fun.

  3. Yay!!! Thank you!! I just sent you an email with all my info!!!

  4. Oh computer woes ! Glad you are back on track now


  5. Sorry to hear about your computer problems... I hate that when it happens. This last week someone hacked into my Son's Xbox live account that had my debit card on it and charged $150.00 worth of Xbox live points on it and they also hacked into my personal email account and changed my name from Shirley to "Spending Your Money" ... Can you believe that!!?? I did get into my account and get everything back to normal, and I got my money back today. Happy Dance!



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