Sunday, September 25

Link Up For PINK is almost upon us..Are You Excited?

Gladly copied and posted with permission from Gaby at Gaby Creates 

"Save the Date" post!

We are only SIX days away from Link Up for Pink!  We are super excited to announce we have over $3,000.00 worth of giveaways from 70+ sponsors!!(some have wished to remain anonymous).  Today we are overjoyed to announce our newest 25 sponsors!   But before we do, Celeste, Yolie and I would like to take the opportunity to thank each sponsor for their generous donations!  Thank you!

We are looking forward to seeing the projects you will be sharing with us, but best of all, the help you will be providing by increasing awareness of the importance of early breast cancer detection.

We have received some inquiries as to what kind of projects can be linked up.  Well, any PINK project can be linked!   But if you are making cards and would like to donate them, please write a little note of encouragement or sentiment on the inside of your card.

The cards will be given to newly diagnosed breast cancer patients in their
Friends Like Me™ carepackages.
Write “Link Up for Pink” underneath your address and mail your cards directly to:
PA Breast Cancer Coalition

344 North Reading Road

Ephrata, PA 1752
Make sure you take a picture of your cards before mailing them off (so you can link them up).

To view the complete list of sponsors for the event, please feel free to visit Gaby at Gaby Creates 

or one of the other Co Hostesses' Blogs:

Their next post is September 30th -9PM PST.  They will list all the prizes along with detailed rules for Link Up for Pink!  So please do visit on Friday and be ready with your PINKNESS, as the party will go LIVE Saturday, October 1st   Midnight PST!

Please help us spread the word and bring breast cancer (early detection) awareness to as many women as possible!


  1. This is so cool!! THANK YOU!!

  2. Popping by to thank you for the adorable comment you left on my blog! I yike it a yacht! Love your Fall card too, btw...:)

  3. Just got your message - sooo funny! My grandson watches Super Why too... :)


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