Wednesday, April 13

Sugar Pop Ribbons is at it again....and I thought I was busy LOL

Well, she is at it again.  Giveaway after giveaway.  There must be a special place in Heaven for this gal.  Just in time for Easter...this giveaway is delightful.  The giveaway included all Disney themed Bambi items.  I was able to get about 23 entries in a *snap*!

I would love to win this basket because all of my children would enjoy the fun included.  Especially my 3 year old daughter, Ariana.  She is sorta obsessed with deer lately.  She has a favorite shirt that is green with a print of a deer (which happens to resemble Bambi).  I have been telling her we will get Bambi once Disney releases it from the Disney Vault.  This would be such an exciting gift for her and for the whole family.  
Here are a few pics I wanted to share with you!
Don't mind the camo boo boo bandage...we were out of the glittery ones when she decided to nosedive into the couch and get a rug burn across her nose.
Notice the green shirt?  This is her favorite shirt and she wants to wear it every day.  I always have to hunt for it when I do a load of laundry to be sure it is clean for the next day.

This pic is just from today.  The boo boo is getting all better and Ariana didn't have any problems cheesing it up for the camera when I told her I wanted a pic of her in her favorite shirt.

Not only is that her favorite shirt, but she has a favorite set of dinnerware (a sectional plate, fork, and spoon) that she asks for at every meal...."Mommy, can I have my reindeer 'poon, p'eez?"  It is priceless.

Thanks Sugar Pop Ribbons for such a wonderful giveaway and a chance to win!

Make sure you visit her page for your chance to win!!!


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