Tuesday, April 19

My sissy is getting married!!!!!!!

Well, Jenn and Scott are finally tying the knot...HIP HIP HOORAY!

And, guess who gets to make some awesome wedding decor....ME ME ME!!!!

Jenn is letting me make her banner, wishing well, and card box.  I am so excited to do this for my sister that I seriously haven't been able to contain myself.  And, it just so happens that her three children are spending the week with me and my family since they are on Spring Break.  So, they have been diving into helping with all the creations.  It has been fun, and I just wanted to share our progress along the way.  The banner is finished and we are starting on the wishing well.

Sissy, if you are reading this, I LOVE YOU <3

The kids learned a lot during this project...
Like...using Grommets and Eyelets

Adding metal embellishments with embroidery thread
Jasmyn snapped a pic of all the flowers
The finished banner w/ Jr. and Na-Na looking on
Up close (they learned how to use mod podge, too)
Left side of banner
Right side of banner


  1. Thanks for your comment! I love that banner! So cute. I have never made a banner but I want to give it a try. I am a new follower.

  2. Wow Jessica the banner turned out great. I helped Jenn make the centerpieces and have been working on the tags for the mint bags. Can't wait to see the card box.

  3. Hi there! Congrats to your sister! That is super awesome. and its great that you and her kids get to help out so much. What kind of wishing well are you making?

    Also wanted to let you know I awarded you the "Versatile Blogger Award" over on my blog so come visit to receive it!


  4. Great work on the banner! And terrific that you have so many talented helpers. I got to do the banner for my first grandchild using my cricut....It was sooooo much fun. Glad to be paired with you for RAK.


  5. Hummm now you have me thinking! My wedding may end up being a Cricut wedding lol


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