Monday, April 18

I picked a favorite!

I happen to thoroughly love all of the cards made by Liz at MissMerryeather's Etsy Shop!

I was supposed to pick a favorite.  But, after going back and forth between two that I REALLY liked, I decided it wouldn't be truly fair if I only picked one.  I like them both equally!

My first choice (in order of how it appears at her shop) of my faves is the adorable Heart Gem Greeting Card. I adore the embossing and the cut out heart is something unique that I have only seen her create.

My second choice (which shows up later on her shop) is the You're My Type Birthday Card.  Lately, I have been a "sucker" for vintage typewriters and the fonts are so cool.  I even slapped myself for two weeks after NOT purchasing a vintage typewriter at the Local Thrift Shop for $25.  When I went back to get it, someone had snatched it up....can't say I blame them.  My loss, their gain!  But, the card has great colors and the ribbon trim is fantastic.

Liz is giving away a fantastic blog candy package to increase traffic to her Etsy shop and promote business.  Excellent cards at excellent prices!  Be sure to check out her shop and stop by her blog to drop her some lovely comments!  If you like her creations (of course you will) follow her and enter for a chance to win some blog candy yourself!!!

Thanks Liz...great giveaway!  Best of Luck at Etsy!


  1. Thank you so much Jessica! You are awesome!

    I have a questions about your bio... what is a SAHM? I'm guessing the "M" stand for Mom?

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