Saturday, May 4


Pinque Peacock is CELEBRATING

So much fun is in store and we are ecstatic that you are going to be joining us. Spread the word to all your friends and let them know about the event so they, too, can play along!!!

We will be playing a FUN Scavenger Hunt Game, Product Photo Guessing Game, Hidden Image Game and maybe a few Random Games for Prizes Here or There! 
Lots of prizes are on the line and the more people who join, the BIGGER the prizes will be (see description above). 

Be on the Lookout for a few Pinque Peacock May New Release SNEAK PEEKS
You will be able to order them before they even HIT THE STORE just for PLAYING with Pinque Peacock today! 

And don't forget, now would be an AMAZING time to place an order with the spectacular NSD Peacock Perques (15% OFF or one FREE item with every 25$ spent) PLUS + an entry into the "Past or Present Customer Giveaway"
One customer, New or Old, will WIN!!

I know this is a lot to take in, so grab your beverage of choice, start researching the Pinque Peacock FB page and Shop (to get a head start on the games) put on those Party Hats and LET'S DO THIS!!!

Join me and the FABULOUS PINQUETTES over on >>> THE EVENT PAGE <<< for a fun Scavenger Hunt*, Product Photo Guessing Game, and a Hidden Image Game . . . with prizes of course! 

The more people who play, the better the prizes will get:
up to 10 ACTIVE** players: $10 Credit to shop at Pinque Peacock 
11 to 35 - $10 credit + $5 Bead Buffet
36 to 50 - $15 credit + $10 Bead Buffet
50 to 100 - $25 credit + $10 Bead Buffet
100+ - $50 credit to Shop!

*Clues will be given in the group starting around 1:00 p.m. EST and ALL Answers to the Scavenger Hunt clues must be submitted by private message or by email at by the deadline (Wednesday, May 8th, 12:01 a.m. EST).

**Players must be active on >>> THE EVENT PAGE <<< at the time of the Game Start on Saturday tentatively set for 1:00 pm EST. 

***Winners of any prizes will be responsible to pay for shipping if their shopping spree exceeds any of the credit available to them. I hate to do this, but with the amount of prizes Pinque Peacock likes to give out, taking on additional shipping costs right now is a bit out of reach. 
I hope you all understand :)

Remember to 
Keep Crafting, 
♫ ROCKS ♫ 
:O) Jessica


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