Thursday, May 30

"Believe" you can....and YOU SHALL!

Happy Day Sweet Blends

I am happy to be celebrating with sweet Nupur for her Blogaversary.
Nupur's Blog is called Down the Memory Lane
and you can also find her on Facebook, too.
Down the Memory Lane Facebook Fan Page

Nupur has such a keen eye for creative detail and is one of the sweetest girls ever.   Her style of crafting has opened my eye to so much more than I am used to and I adore all the alluring colors she uses in her projects.  I am super proud that she joined the Pinque Peacock Artists and Creators and she has been
such a valuable asset to the Team.  It has been a pleasure getting to know her better
and I look forward to our continued Friendship.

I want to take a moment to say
and Wish Nupur
The BEST of Luck and May ALL Her Dreams Come True

Another thing that is special to me, is visiting Nupur's blog and reading the wonderful inspirational quotes she shares regularly.  Here is the fabulous Down The Memory Lane Mission Statement - - - -

Down the Memory Lane.
“Design and creativity is the fundamental soul of a human made creation that ends up expressing in form of successive products.” Is what I believe in. This venture is all about my passion for creativity. Having studied visual arts at Ecole Mondiale World School I developed a passion for arts and then . . .

I really love how the statement really has no ending.  I think it is wonderful that she sees her journey continuing on and is waiting for the next step in her journey!


Today I have created an altered notebook.

Here is a picture of what I gathered to start my project . . .

Of course, you may see a few items on my finished project that I added after taking the above picture!  I love that about crafting, too.  If you are finished, but feel unsatisfied, there are so many items and embellishments to choose from in the Craft World to make your Creations MAGNIFIQUE'!

The only requirement Nupur suggested when asking her friends to help her celebrate, was that they create anything that makes them happy.  So, I thought a lot about things that make me happy (in my crafting mind)!

I love the color purple.
I fancy peacocks (who knew, right?).

I adore layers,
embossing folders and powders,
and distressing paper in a variety of ways,
I personally think, my style tends to be
more along the lines of
mixed with

I enjoy playing with stamps, chipboard, patterns, and punches!

And, who can forget the Pinque Peacock Goodies - YUMMY!

Here are some of the items I used from the Pinque Peacock Shop

Purple Chunky Chevron - Layered Garden Beauty

1.5" Purple Snakeskin - Fabric Covered Button

Large Purple and White - Felt Poppers

Thank You Nupur for asking me to join you during your celebration!
Love and Hugs to you Sweet Blend!

Remember to
Keep Crafting,
:O) Jessica


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:O) Jessica B.
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