Tuesday, November 13

♪ Showcase at the Shaque ♪ - Jenn Jackson


 On the 13th of each month, I will be inviting a Guest to
SHOWCASE at The Shaque!
There will be a series of 13 questions that they will answer
in hopes to make new connections 
across Cyber Space and Blog Land 
as well as teach you a few fun facts about themselves 
that you may not know.

For today's Guest, I am honored to have the 
super fun and super talented
Jenn Jackson

Please join me in Welcoming Jenn and leaving her some love!!!

1.What’s your name?
Jenn Jackson

2. What is the name and link of your blog?  How long have you been blogging? 

Scrap Happens Embellish It
 I starting blogging in October of 2010. 
I was pretty scared at first and didn't post much, 
but now I have my personal blog 
and own 4 challenge blogs :)

 3.  What is your favorite craft to work with (type, technique, style)?
I  I don't really have a favorite craft. 
I am kinda all over the place when it 
comes to crafting. I do seem to have a lot of paper though :)


4. Do you have other hobbies?
I love to read and I sew on occasion...when time permits :)


5. How did you get started in the Craft World?
I have always dabbled in one type of craft or another, but started paper crafting about 6 years ago. A friend had given me an empty scrapbook and a bunch of papers as a baby shower gift when i was pregnant with my son. It sat in the closet for 2 years and one day I decided to get it out and play around. I was instantly hooked.


6. Where are you from?
Born in Alaska, but grew up in Kansas. 
I have lived in Saint Louis, MO for the last 8 years.


7. If you could give a tip to a new crafter/blogger, what would it be?
Don't worry about what everyone else thinks of your crafting. Your opinion is the only one that matters.


8. Name some things that you have learned this year, that you are glad  you  learned?
 I have learned to craft outside of my box and try new things that I never would have tried had I not been pushed.

9. Do you have anything personal you wish to share with the readers?
I love vampires, the paranormal and reality TV :)

10. What are your future ambitions?
I would love to open a Coffee Bar/Scrapbook Shop, but first I have to win the lottery.

11. What challenges have you faced, but conquered in crafting?</ span>
 I was so scared to work with digital images. Now they are pretty much the only "stamp" I use.

12.  When told you would be interviewed for this Guest Post, what
question were you hoping to be asked?

What is your favorite crafting tool?

13.  What answer would you give to the unasked question?
I love my Cricut and wish I had time to use it more!

Here is the wonderful project Jenn created
for her Showcase at the Shaque

Isn't this a wonderful layout?
Look at that cute cow and background  paper.
Perfect match to those adorable pics in the layout!

Jenn is also sharing one of her favorite creations
to be Showcased today at the Shaque.
Here is her wonderful STAR card that she made
earlier this year,
 to celebrate her darling daughter's 13th Birthday
AMAZING right?  Gotta love the
13 on this . . .sorry, just a bit partial
to the number....LOL!

And check out the beauty inside . . .

Stop over to Jenn's Blog to read all the details
on how these fabulous  projects were created
and browse her blog
to see more of her creativity on display!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

for being my November Guest
Showcase at the Shaque
13 Q&A's on the 13th

I hope to have a guest on the 13th of every month
and would love to 
have my Blends join me.
If you are interested in being 
Showcased at the Shaque
please send me an email at strgazrblueyes22477@yahoo.com
with the following details:
1. Your name and Blog address
2. Which months work for you to be showcased (at least 3 top picks)
{right now I am accepting Guests starting as soon as December}
3. A picture of a NEW project you have created
to share on your Showcase Post
4. Any questions or comments you may have regarding this opportunity
5. Please put Showcase at the Shaque in the subject line of your email
♪  ♪  ♪  ♪  ♪  ♪  ♪

Jessica S

Keep Crafting :O) Jessica


  1. Hi Jenn,

    Very fun to meet you. I have never been to your blog, gonna hop over there now!



  2. What a fun showcase. Learned some new things about, Ms. Jenn! Love the projects you/she shared! Esp. the cow layout. Can't wait to see who the Showcase will be next Month. <3


  3. What fun to read all about jenn, since i only recently discovered her blog! That layout just makes me laugh, so incredibly cute!


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