Tuesday, May 1

* * * Follower Appreciation Giveaway * * * {please take the poll}

Are you Interested in a Giveaway? ? ? ? ? ?

I sure AM!
I have recently noticed that I am creeping up
on reaching 400 followers at my blog
and want to show
my appreciation
to all of my lovely followers,
new and old alike,
and to all of my wonderful Blends!

I am ecstatic
that my Blog has grown over the last year,
that I have had the opportunity
to meet so many talented people in Blog Land,
and that my Blog has had some 
amazing traffic  . . . over 31,000 page views
as I am typing away . . . WOW!

So, I want to have some fun
and spread some cheer
to those who are the true
reason my Blog is alive and "breathing"!

I have been shopping away over the last several
months and have accumulated some
fun prizes to offer.

I need your opinion on how
the giveaways should be conducted???
 Post your responses to the poll by
May 1, 2012

What type of giveaway should we Host:

1) trivia related to my blog

2) scavenger hunt related to crafting

3) blog follow, facebook follow, twitter and pinterest follow

4) a fun game (craft or non-craft related)

5) your own suggestion ___________

So the giveaway essentially 
will begin with your participation in this poll 
earning you ONE ENTRY into the prize drawing
just by offering your response!
I will also offer you ONE ENTRY
for referring your friends over to my blog if they
stop by and take part in the poll, but they have to mention that
you sent them over to join in the fun!!!!
As of right now, it IS required to be a follower
here at my blog.
After all this is 

Looking forward to hearing from you
and having some fun
during this entire celebration!

Keep Crafting 


  1. I'll do whatever but I am already following you everywhere so that's easiest for me! lol

  2. woo hoo! Congrats to you! I like choice #1, but I would like to make suggestion with #5 maybe have a challenge using some of your past work as inspiration? and then let random pick a winner? You make this worth 2 entries and 1 entry for comments on your giveaway post... just a suggestion either way can't wait to see what you do! Thanks!

  3. I like 2 or 4. I'm not a huge fan of 3. I don't have twitter and I dont like always posting things on my fb as it is also away to keep intouch with fam from overseas. I'll do it, just dont like to often. There's my 2 cents:) Congrats on 400 followers.

  4. Hi Jessica,

    I am a follower of your blog but for some reason I can not "follow" you. When I hit the join button it says I can't join at this time, so I follow you by e-mail...you may have more followers than you know you have! I also follow you on facebook. I think it would be so fun to have a scavenger hunt. If you want to use my blog to hide something, let me know!



  5. Woo-hoo!! Congratulations on almost hitting 400 my dear, sweet Blend!! Oohh, what type of giveaway to have?? I would definitely say #3 but I also love the idea of a Scavenger hunt!! I've never done a blog one and it sounds like so much fun :) You could also pick a theme and have people create a project based on the theme to enter. Whatever you choose will be fabulous :) Congrats again and have a wonderful day :)

    Hugs, Lisa
    A Mermaid's Crafts

  6. Scavenger hunt and game both sound fun and a bit out of the ordinary which is also nice.

  7. I'm good with all of them, but 1 and 2 would be good for followers to get to know your blog better. =)

  8. Jess - Scavenger hunts are ALWAYS fun, but getting to find the time gets hard - BUT getting to know you questions would be super fun!!


    Jessica from Kansas ;) Not as good to me here!! ;) 12 away from 400!! IU will share to my FB ;)

  9. Just became a follower. Saw the post on Homespun Friend Giveaways. I like the idea of a scavenger hunt. Trivia and a game sound fun too. Congrats on almost 400 followers.

  10. I love the ideas everyone is offering! My opinion is that following is a must but maybe challenge everyone to make something from inspiration on your blog (and they have to say what inspired them).

    Precious Hugs

  11. first off, congrats to you!
    I think you should have whatever kind of giveaway you want because it is YOUR giveaway. ;)
    I'm already a happy follower and I'm just excited for you!

  12. I been a bad girl, I follow a lot of blogs and thought i was following you already...I was not:((( Well I am happy to say, my Facebook friend, I am following you now:)) Congrats on having so many followers, I hope to get there some day too.
    My suggestion is either a game or a scavenger hunt. but what ever you do is fine:)
    mexicopetshop at hotmail dot com

  13. Congrats on reaching almost 400 followers. I'm already a follower here and on Facebook. I like options 1 and 4. 3 is a good way to get multiple entries, but I know a lot of people don't like that kind of thing. I'm game for whatever you choose.

  14. Congrats on coming up to 400!!!
    Just popping in to thank you for your visit and checking out my feather card...good luck with the giveaway sweetie

  15. I would say number 3....sometimes the easier the better....not much time to do a lot more. Thanks for the chance to win!

    jennykingham at att dot net

  16. Congrats on all the awesome followers! I like choice #3 the most! Thanks so much for asking our opinion and for hosting a follows appreciation giveaway!

  17. Congrats on your following! How about having followers do a challenge?

  18. Yay! congrats on almost hitting 400! I'm a fan of the nitty gritty, blog follower, leave a comment, leave a way to contact. LOL. But any one of your suggestions sound super fun, I will participate in any one of them!

  19. I think trivia would be fun. Congrats! Will share to FB

  20. Already a follower and I think a scavenger hunt would be soooo much fun! Show us your project, tell us what products you used and see who can locate the best deals for those products! We can all learn about new websites that we may have never heard of before. Have a great day and Congrats!! msmith38652@gmail.com

  21. WOO HOO!! 400!!! I am so happy for you! I know your number will keep rising dear! Not only are you extremely talented, but you take time out of your hectic day to make everyone feel special. You really go above and beyond to thank each person for the goodies they sent you. I am truly blessed to have you as my best friend and I know anyone who has gotten to know you feels the same way! Love you bunches and can’t wait to see ya on Sunday!!
    Oops….I forgot to tell you what kind of giveaway you should do. Scavenger hunt baby!!!

  22. Jessica Big Congrats-- you are such a generous soul. You can ask your followers to pick out 3 favorites from your projects!

  23. Also you can host a challenge and your followers have to create something inspired by your post just like you did during your blogversary.That way you are sure to get a blogpost dedicated to your challenge and hence more publicity!

  24. Congrats on almost 400. I agree with some comments about time. I am not a fan of 3 because I have read so many posts about people joining just to try to win and then stop. So my votes are toward #2 or Dr. Sonia's comments. Good luck trying to decide with so many different suggestions.

  25. Congrats...I'm closing in on 300 and know how you feel! Yippee!I personally don't like a Random draw but think it's way more fun & crafty to create something for you, like a congrats card that you can share as a post.I've been a follower for quite sometime and appreciate your generous offer to share in the excitement.
    Creative Wishes,
    Claire S.

  26. I'm follower 393, this is a fun game

  27. Congratulations Jessica. Make some kind of quiz or any hunt type of question.. would be fun. Already been following you.

  28. Congrats I am open for everything.. would be cool to do a blog to blog hop, then have it as a blog to blog link or something... like where you give us an idea and we link up our post ;) BTW I was number 393 :) so close

  29. I'm not surprised that you've gotten so many followers because you, my dear, are a blog sensation!! I always love your enthusiasm and the variety of your projects. As for my votes, I love craft related games (but please...no word scrambles...they drive me crazy!! LOL!). I do like the idea of having people make a project that follows a theme and then linking up. That way we get to see even more fun stuff!

  30. Jessia.. I am SO happy for you! You know I am your BIGGEST fan! You have always been so sweet to me and it is so great to see your blog growing and I wish you the best of luck on your blog. How sweet to do a giveaway in appreciation of your blog followers! I think whatever you do is amazing! Terri of Two Pink Peas

    P.S. You know that I am having a BIG giveaway myself for a LARGE craft lot including a cricut cartridge! Thanks for ALL you do!!

  31. Congrats on 400, that is awesome!!
    I will post this on my side bar.
    By the way, Guess what? you won!!
    I try to get a hold of my winners, I would hate to win and then miss getting the prize. I hope your blog candy goes well, I am very excited for you. Hop over to my blog. kathysdouble-k-krafts.blogspot.com congrats!!!

  32. Kathy k sent me. I think a scavenger hunt would be fun!

  33. YAY! Congrats on all the blends tagging along.

    Sorry to be MIA...have alot going on...ya know ;0)

    I like the trivia or the scavenger hunt. Lots of hugs!!!!!

    Be blessed, Beckie

  34. Congrats! Mixing up the requirements for each giveaway is my suggestion. If I have to choose one, then #3, but they all sound fun. Emailing the winners in every case is another recommendation. Already a follower. Good luck.

  35. Wow, congratulations on how your blog has grown. As for giveaways, I love games...so crafty games would be fun! Also, maybe card challenges?

  36. I like the idea of the scavanger hunt! That could be very cute!!! And so much fun! :) I am also now following you!!!

  37. Well done on getting lots of people I liked your blog very much,I got go bed now cs I am on mummys tablet and she's asleep heehee don't tell her
    Bye love doodle xx


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