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CSDivas Sunday Challenge: Scavenger Hunt (post #2 today)

Sunday Challenge: Photo scavenger hunt challenge

Sandy, CSDivas Admin Diva, thought it would be fun to have a little scavenger hunt this week!  It sounds like fun to me and I would love to see a lot of entries...WON'T YOU JOIN IN ON THE FUN????

Here are the Rules:

  • Go through your home, layouts and cards aka your stash (ie. green marker, it can be an actual marker or a card that you used the marker to embellish)
  • Find the item on the list
  • Take a photo of it
  • Upload to your blog
  • Link your post back to here for a chance to win on Saturday, July 30th. (Winner will be picked by

Here is the list of items to hunt for...
  1. Flowers
  2. Ribbons
  3. Food item/Dinner
  4. Glitter
  5. Favorite craft item
  6. A bed
  7. A family member
  8. Your most recent picture that you just took (not including this challenge)
  9. The color green
  10. A card fold ( easel, joy fold, trifold, etc)
Here are mine in order...

1.   Flowers
These bloomed over the last couple of days here at home.  I am gonna have to do a bit of research as to what type of flower they are though.  Can I get any ideas from my green-thumbed friends?????  If they are a weed, I have to say, they are the prettiest weed I ever saw....LOL!

2.   Ribbons
This is one of 4 areas where I keep my ribbon .  
This area is the large wired ribbon.

3.   Food item/Dinner

As I was heading over to upload a pic at my email for #8 on this challenge.....this was staring me in the face....Yummy!!!  Pretty cool article to check out for some great dinner ideas, too @ Food on Shine

4.   Glitter
My "Go To" glitter for handmade flowers with pizazz...just until I get some Diamond Dust

5.   Favorite craft item
Lately, fairy head dresses have been my favorite item to make.  They are so girly and pretty.  Ariana was so excited to make one for herself on Saturday after seeing the one we made for her big sister.

6.   A bed
This is the new headboard Lance and I created about a week ago....if you want some tips on how we did it, go here for more details

7.   A family member
Lance Jr. with is newly crafted Rocket Ship we made on Saturday

8.   Your most recent picture that you just took (not including this challenge)
 Haylee chilling on my lap last night on the couch! 

9.   The color green
Probably my favorite GREEN LO 
(but I may be showing a bit of favoritism towards my hottie of a hubby...LOL)

10.   A card fold (easel, joy fold, trifold, etc)
This was McKenzie's beautiful creation and her first attempt 
at a Tri-Fold Card.  
I think she did a FANTASTIC job!



  1. Thanks for comment on my blog & becoming a blog follower of mine. I may play along with the photo challenge. If I do my daughter now that she is college age does not like her photo taken much so Teddy the dog or my hubby's photo will have to do for a member of the family photo.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

  2. Congratulations on completing the scavanger hunt! Love your pictures!

  3. Thanks for popping over to say hi and becoming a follower! And thanks for the words of wisdom about hernias! Luckily hubby's hasn't really hurt him...he's just finding it hard to not lift anything over 20 pounds. He's done it a few times without thinking, and regretted it right away!!

    Just a guess, but I think the flower in your pic is a thistle, especially if it has lots of little prickly looking thorns up and down the stem.

    Amy E.

  4. Super fun! Sounds like a fun challenge!


  5. I loved looking at your scavenger hunt pics, Jessica! You did such a great job! And McKenzie's tri-fold card is fabulous! :D


  6. Hey Jenn. This looks like it was fun:)


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