Wednesday, February 2


Well, the storm is here and it seems to want to stay for a while.  I enjoyed getting to do some painting this week.  I forgot how relaxing it is to paint with delicate lines and brush strokes that test the stability of my hand.  Most of all, I was able to finish a painting that means so much to me and Lance.  Almost 5 years ago, right after we met, we had an enjoyable stroll at the beach.  The sun was shining down upon us and we searched for heart-shaped rocks along the water.  As we strolled, the sun's rays across the water seemed as though they were following our every footstep.  We shared a glimpse into each others' eyes and both felt the love that was surging through every inch of our beings.  That moment meant a lot to us and we talk about it often.  I finally presented it to Lance last night and he smiled and we shared a compassionate hug.  I love him so much and only wish that everyone has the chance to experience true love in its simplest form. 
Happy St. Valentine's Day to you all!


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