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Altered Treasure Chest with Tips and a Picture Tutorial - PART 2

Hey Hey Hey Crafty Blends!
I am so happy to be back at doing what I love....CREATING!!!!

If you hopped in for my Guest Design post on Wednesday for the 12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop, then you already knew I would be posting all the FUN DETAILS about my project :)

If you are just arriving here.....I highly suggest you Hop for the 12 Days because there is OOBER talent on Display and TONS of wonderful PRIZES up for grabs, too.

Just start at Honeybearz Designs each day after 8 am Eastern Standard time and you will be directed down the right Hop Path!

Now, here is Part 2 of my Tutorial/Segment on how you could create a similar project:
Altered Treasure Chest and Ball Ornaments!!!

I am also including LOTS of . . . 
Awesome Product Tips
hopefully to introduce you to some amazing New Products you haven't heard of yet
Crafty Coersion
to nudge you towards some FUN
Project Suggestions
Just to help you out along the way
& some Caution Tips
to help you steer away from making some of the mistakes I made during my project if you decide you would like to try this out for yourself!!!

for a Super Fun Announcement to learn
:) :) :) :) :) :)

I left off yesterday, with showing a step-by-step tutorial on how to cover the Paper Mache' ball ornaments with tissue paper and Mod Podge....

Now it is time to add the pretties!

***FUN Product ALERT***
One of my ALL TIME FAVORITE embellishments to use on projects is Hand Dyed Crinkle Ribbon from 3 Girl JAM.

I used Merlot (from the Wine & Jewels Bundle) and Mistletoe (from the Winter Bundle)

For this project, it added elegance to the ball ornament by adhering the ribbon directly to the ball in a vertical striped pattern.

 Project Suggestion
 I opted to use my Dual Temp Hot Glue gun for this step.  I didn't notice that my temp setting was on 2 when I started and because the glue was extremely hot, it singed my ribbon in a few spots.  

To create a small "added touch", I tied a knot at the top of each ornament with the ends of the ribbon once I finished creating my stripes.  

Here are the Ribbon Wrapped ornaments side by side.  

There are a ton of awesome and luscious colors to select from at 3 Girl JAM, there are tons of color combinations you could create.

and a few beautiful Specialty Bundles not shown above as well....
The NEW Ribbon Candy Bundle


The NEW & IMPROVED Seasons Bundle

***FUN Product ALERT***
Now it was time to add some of the some darling metal embellishments  and flat back pearls that I ordered from Miriam's Crafting Supplies.  

***FUN Product ALERT***
E6000 is a GREAT adhesive to use with metal embellishments

Project Suggestion
Because of the curved surface, I grabbed a few rubber bands to assist in holding the metal embellishments in place while they dried.

I kept my "design placement" fairly structured by duplicating the "clusters" on the opposite sides of the ornaments. 

For this one, I used a large flower shaped piece with a larger flat back rhinestone center.  My daughter suggested that this piece resembled a appropriate, right?

On the other sides, I used a small ornate bronze piece with a Sunflower Pearl in the center.

For this one, I used 4 diamond shaped pieces.  2 were adorned with a larger flat back rhinestone center, while the other 2 were adorned with Sunflower Pearls.  

I loved creating a cluster using a large pearl and smaller pearls of Christmas Colors around it.  I ended up with 4 of these on this ornament. :)

Next, I took my faux pine garland (AVAILABLE SOON the Discount Hut) and twisted it around a wooden skewer.  I slid it off the skewer and placed it around the ornament in the areas that weren't adorned with metal or pearls.

On the second ornament, I chose to create some swirls from the pine garland.

Once all the adornment was dry, I created some clusters of Pearls at the top of each ornament using Pearls from the Pinque Peacock Bead Buffet

All that was left was the final touch I needed to complete my project!

To create these fabulous ornament danglers, I grabbed some Crystal Teardrop Ornaments, a few gold metal spacers, and small copper seed beads


Super Fun Announcement
The entire project will serve as a Gift for a fabulous event I am taking part in called The Mischievous Crafter hosted by the Admins from the group, Scrapbook Friends and More Crafts.
This event is going to be so fun!  
I am on the edge of my seat waiting to play!
PLEASE NOTE*--- You must be an active member of the SFMC Group and BE PRESENT on December 12th in order to Join The Fun!

The object of the Event goes a little like this.....
---You CREATE a project which will be gifted to another event participant.

---The project should have a value of at least $10 if you were to sell it at a craft fair.

---You must have your project finished by December 11th, as the Event takes place on December 12th.

---The Mischievous Crafter is the group's version of Dirty Santa or White Elephant (different people call it different things).  Each participant will have a chance to select the item they desire on their turn.  In turn each participant will have the options of selecting an item that has not been selected or taking an item that has been selected. (items can only be stolen 3 times. The third time it is stolen that person is the owner.)

Crafty Coersion
The SFMC Facebook Group is an amazing place to meet new friends, learn new craft techniques and styles, play games, and chit chat with crafters from all over the world.  I have had a wonderful experience since participating with the group
just recently and enjoy the fellowship and inspiration I have gained since doing so.

New members are joining SFMC each and every day!
PLUS:  There is a celebration in the midst---SFMC will be reaching 1,000 Members soon!  YOU SHOULD JOIN TODAY!

Keep Crafting,
:O) Jessica


  1. These turned out so beautiful! And I love your rubber band idea. Gonna have to remember that one!

  2. very beautiful thanks for sharing. hugs


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