Tuesday, February 12

**** "HI Blends!!! I have really Missed YOU" ****

I wanted to stop in today to see how all of my Sweet Blends have been?
I know that I
have grown a bit "distant"
in the recent months
and hope you all
forgive me for the lack
of publishing posts
that you have come to expect from me
here at 
Jessica's Craft Shaque.

In October 2012,  the Pinque Peacock Blog

and the Pinque Peacock Shop were launched!

I have become so humbled
by the immediate success
that has grown
right before my eyes.
It truly is remarkable
and still has me
in absolute amazement
and shock!

The support of new friends
and new customers
has drawn me in to
being very active there.
It really is a Happening Hang Out!

I still plan to post as much
as possible here,
but want you all to know
that if you don't see me
around the Shaque . . . 
You will most likely
be able to find me
at Pinque Peacock.

I have been dedicating the last few month to planning some really fun
and exciting events, giveaways and our Monthly New Releases.

Today I am Eager to Share with You All
we will be hosting our Grand Announcement
Tomorrow, February 13th, 2013,
to INTRODUCE you to 

- don't miss it-

We would love to have you stop over to the Pinque Peacock BLOG and become a Follower.  
The Facebook Page is a pretty happening spot, too. 

I hope you will forgive me for being "scarce" lately, although, I never really went anywhere!  LOL!
I am still crafting, still connecting with friends on Facebook and at Blogs, and trying to stay in the Crafty Loop of all the Latest and Greatest work my Sweet Blends have been Creating!!!

I can't help myself lately because I am just having so much fun with Pinque Peacock right now.

I don't want to put Jessica's Craft Shaque on the back burner,  but I know I will be most likely be posting less and less here as the Pinque Peacock Blog and SHOP need to be nurtured right now, too!  I hope that as the New Team becomes familiar with the regular schedules we will follow, that I will have some Free Crafty Time to Play.  Then I can still share what I love most, CREATING!!!!

I hope to see you tomorrow for the Grand Announcement and 
Look Forward to Catching Up with All of You SOON!!!!

Remember to Keep Crafting, 
♫ ROCKS ♫ 
:O) Jessica

1 comment:

  1. Yes Have missed you Jessica but understand how you need to dedicate time with a new venture..will stand by you my dear BLEND!
    Dr Sonia
    Cards Crafts School Projects


I so enjoy reading your comments and love hopping back over to your blog to see your latest and greatest!
:O) Jessica B.
Keep Crafting
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