Thursday, April 5

My new Unity Stamp Organizer - Turn Style

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 I am feeling a bit better today, not as fatigued as I have been lately.  I was pleased to be able to craft a little.  My sweet guy arrived home early from work today.  I asked him if he would like to try to build me a spinning turn style for my Unity Stamps.  I saw someone use a jewelry stand for their collection of itty bitty stamps and this got me thinking about how I could store all of my goodies.  
He asked what I wanted and I told him the measurements that would work.

He came back inside after about 20 minutes and told me I couldn't peek.  I couldn't believe he was done already.  I know he is quite savvy when it comes to inventing wonderful ideas for things, but
I had no idea he was THIS GOOD . . . LOL!

Turns out, we had an old CD/DVD turn style in the garage that we were planning to throw out.  He simply cut some of the metal bars and shaved the ends down so that they weren't sharp enough to scratch or poke me.  And now I have a wonderful carousel to store all of my Unity Stamps . . . .
I LOVE IT!!!  
I bounced about the house for a while in excitement then started organizing them all.

Here is how it turned out . . .

It holds my KOM stamps (currently 6 kits)

My individual Ippity sets (currently 5 sets)

My individual Unity and Co Brand sets (currently 11 sets)
and all of my itty bitty stamps (currently at 22)

I am so excited to have all of my stamps moved from a rubber bin to this beautiful set up.  Now I can see all of the stamps I own at one glance.

Thank You Lance . . I LOVE YOU SOOOOO MUCH!

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  1. Looks awesome! You lucky gal!

  2. WoW! How fun is this!

  3. Now that is pretty darn cool!

  4. How cool is this!!! He's a keeper for sure!!

    Precious Hugs

  5. Grt!!! I wish I had that many!!!

  6. this is GREAT!! When can I come over and crafty with these yummy goodness?!?!
    Have a great one!!

  7. What an inventive hubby you have! Fabulous!

  8. Great little design Jessica...having your favorite stamps in full view has got to be a great boost to creativity!

  9. You have a wonderful and creative husband!! Love the organizer!!!

  10. What a handy DH you have! I love it!!

  11. What a great hubby you have!!

  12. I have one of those racks that i have been reluctant to throw away but unsure of how to repurpose. what a fabulous idea!


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