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♪ Showcase at the Shaque ♪ 13 Q&A's on the 13th w/ July's Guest: Riti Poddar

I am ecstatic to bring you a new monthly series here at my blog!!!
I started last month, June 2012, and hope this
can be a regular segment here at The Shaque.
It will be a great way to learn more about
the talented people who envelope all of Blog Land
on the Crafty Front!

On the 13th of each month, I will be inviting a Guest to SHOWCASE!  
There will be a series of 13 questions that they will answer in hopes to make new connections 
across Cyber Space and Blog Land 
as well as teach you a few fun facts about themselves 
that you may not know.

For my July guest, I am honored to have the Wonderful Crafter, Riti Poddar!

Please join me in Welcoming Riti and leaving her some love!!!
1. What’s your name?   
Hi Friends I’m Riti Poddar & My friends call me Ritz, Ritzie!!

2. What is the name and link of your blog?  How long have you been blogging?  
Blog Name : A Lil Piece of Heaven….a place where scrap happens.
‘Heaven’ refers to my Craft Room. It’s  my Fav. place in my Home. June
30th, 2012 is my 1st Blogoversary !!

3. What is your favorite craft to work with (type, technique, style)? 
I enjoy all sorts of paper crafts like Cardmaking, Scrapbooking, Mini
Albums & Altering items.

4. Do you have other hobbies?  
I love to Sing, write poems and photography !

5. How did you get started in the Craft World?
I started crafting since childhood. My mum often tells me that I was
born with a Paintbrush, scissor & glue in my hand. ROFL !! She tells
me that I was always up to creating something or the other, and give
away handmade cards, altered items as gifts to Friends & Family !!

6. Where are you from?  
I’m from West Bengal, Kolkata - the Eastern Part of India.

7. If you could give a tip to a new crafter/blogger, what would it be?  
For the New Crafters -  Never be scared of experimenting with your
supplies. I learnt most of the techniques & variations just by
experimenting on my own rather than following others & their
techniques. And yeah you never know when you might just discover
something wonderful. So make full use of your craft supplies & have
fun discovering new ideas & effects.
For the New Bloggers – The Best place to get tonnes & tonnes of ideas,
inspirations & of course a whole wide world of friends sharing the
same hobby as yours. So much to share & learn !! :o)

8. Name some things that you have learned this year, that you are glad you learned?  
Everyday teaches me something or the other.. the lessons are endless,
and I’m always happy & ready to learn more in every sphere of life!!

9. Do you have anything personal you wish to share with the readers? 
  I am a Shop-a-holic…crazyyy crafter..You can call me a
‘craft addict’ & I love
          being one. I am thoroughly “ Deeeeeep in Love with Unity Stamps”.
          I live in a Big Joint Family and I work with my Husband
Sourav ( he supplies medical equipment) full time  and find it really
difficult to give time to my crafting, but I do try & make the most of
whatever little time I get to craft.

10. What are your future ambitions?  
To be able to help others in every way I can !!

11. What challenges have you faced, but conquered in crafting?  
Time, Time & Time in this hectic life, all I need for crafting is
Time. But I also feel happy about squeezing in a little crafty moment
every now & then !!

12.  When told you would be interviewed for this Guest Post, what question were you hoping to be asked?  
What’s your favorite place to shop for Craft Supplies ??

13.  What answer would you give to the unasked question?  
In India, and we DO NOT have craft stores like they have in countries
like  USA, UK, AUSTRALIA,SINGAPORE,DUBAI  etc. But recently Crafting
is becoming popular here. There are a few people who have started
selling craft supplies, but the cost goes up too high (including the
custom duties, shipping,  etc) . But I generally prefer to shop online
directly from the stores like Joanns, ohmycrafts, Simon says etc.

Here is the wonderful project Riti created
for her Showcase at the Shaque

Stop over to Riti's Blog to read how this terrific card was created!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *  

Now, I get to show you SOME of my 
"Personal Favorite Projects"
my Guest has created!
(in no particular order)

Riti and I share a passion for Unity Stamps.
And this card took my breath away
when I first looked at it.
Isn't it beautiful.

Stop by this Post for all the details.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
For this card, it was the soft hues and touch of green
that captivated my senses.
Get all the details HERE

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
I just love this CAS card.  It says a lot
without having to be full of elements!
Here is the original post for this card

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

to Riti
for being my July Guest
Showcase at the Shaque
13 Q&A's on the 13th

I hope to have a guest on the 13th of every month
and would love to 
have my Blends join me.
If you are interested in being 
Showcased at the Shaque
please send me an email at
with the following details:
1. Your name and Blog address
2. Which months work for you to be showcased (at least 3 top picks)
{right now I am accepting Guests starting as soon as September}
3. A picture of a NEW project you have created
to share on your Showcase Post
4. Any questions or comments you may have regarding this opportunity
5. Please put Showcase at the Shaque in the subject line of your email
♪  ♪  ♪  ♪  ♪  ♪  ♪

Jessica S


  1. Congrats to Riti for being a Guest Designer!!! Her projects are amazing!!!

  2. Thank You Jessica, for showcasing me & my work on your wonderful Blog!! I feel honored & am so happy to be a part of it!!

    Riti :)

  3. Riti's projects are beautiful!

  4. This is a good Idea jessica!! Love her projects!

  5. What a great idea to showcase your fellow crafters! Great project Riti made!

  6. Wow was so fun reading all about you and your cards are AMAZING! Love the way you use stamps and ink and off to check out your blog!!

  7. Great idea Jessica & a nice way to get to know Riti better! :)

  8. Your cards are stunning! Visiting from Outlawz

  9. A warm Thank You to All !!
    Riti :o)

  10. lovely interview Riti glad to know a little more about you...your cards are just beautiful..really liked all of them :)

  11. Wonderful showcasing, Riti! Your cards are fabulous! I left you love at your blog! :) Can't wait to see who will be next!



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