Monday, February 6

CSDivas - 125 Follower Giveaway


As many of you may already know, I am a proud

The Mansion is always hopping with wonderful
creations, ideas, tips, and beautiful friendships.

To help us reach a goal of 125 followers,
there is a giveaway!
125 Blog Followers Giveaway

Please head over to the Mansion
to find out
how to get in on your chance
at winning some amazing goodies.

While you are visiting the Mansion, have a peek around
and see all the fun that you have been missing!!!

And while you are at it, join us on Facebook Fan Page, too.....
there is an additional Giveaway there!!!

125 Facebook Fans Giveaway

Happy Crafting 


  1. YES. I am a DIVA. YAY!

  2. Me too. I am a new follower and love to invite you to my blog for a giveaway @


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