Wednesday, August 24

What a great way to Brighten Someone's Day (Post #2 today)

I am feeling pleasantly surprised that I will be able to brighten someone's day.  OKAY, so I always feel that way, but after stopping by Robyn's blog today (My Pink Stamper), I was EXTRA excited to join in on the card outreach that is taking place. 

See, Robyn received a request from a Nurse in Wisconsin (Kathy Mortl) who would like to put a card at each place setting for the breakfast that is taking place for Breast Cancer Survivors.  Please consider joining in and sending a card to Kathy.  It would mean a lot to me, Kathy, Robyn, and most important, the survivors who receive them.

Here is the card I am mailing out tomorrow:

I lightend up the contrast and brightness to show the colors a bit better....

I am so happy this card will be used for the purpose in which it was created!!!  It was originally created during NSD 2011 as a Challenge with Robyn and now, it will rightfully be placed in the hands of a Cancer Survivor {tears of joy are falling}!!!

Thanks so much Robyn  and Kathy for the opportunity to join forces with you!!!!

Here is a copy and paste from Robyn's blog:
Robyn says:

I received the following letter and wondered if any of you have time to send a few homemade cards for her cause.  I would really appreciate it and we could really brighten someone up!
Kathy's request:
"I really need your help along with the your followers. Long story short. I am a nurse at the Medical of WI in Plastic and Reconstruction dept. We specialize in the forefront in reconstruction for breast cancer. Women from all over the country come to us.  This year I/we decided to sponsor the breakfast for breast cancer survivors. 1500 women who have had breast cancer or who are actively dealing with it now will attend this breakfast before the run/walk.
Every year prior to this year I have made something for the women and handed it out at the end of the race/walk. To my astonishment people would be grabbing-pushing aside other women and men to get what I was handing out. Ex: white and pink chocolate covered Oreos, wrapped pink and white M&M's mini bags. TO my astonishment again the cancer survivors really didn't receive what I made.

Well this year, the breakfast will be catered by one of the best chefs in Milwaukee. I feel it is an honor to sponsor this. Where you come in - Please if one person could make a card to support uplift make someone smile. It would make their day. The card would be placed at their seat. Please Please help! 
I would be happy to give my address if you could ask people to help me with this. Just 1 card - 1500 Pink Stamper followers. The Breakfast is on September 28th.
Thank you for your time.
Kathleen Mortl RN,CPSN

Kathy Mortl
10261 N Sunnycrest Drive
Mequon, WI  53092"

Thank you sooooo much everyone!!!



  1. What a gorgeous card for a fabulous cause, Jessica! I just love your design! So beautiful :)


  2. This is beautiful~! It is ure to brighten someone's day!


  3. I love this card, I wish I could read your blog, but the rainbow colors cover the lettering and make it to hard for me to read.
    I hope you have a wonderful day.

  4. Hi Jess!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for asking about Salifu!! I did not win but that is ok. Child Fund is sending out a gift to me, not sure what it is and they wanted to share my story on their facebook page and that is all wonderful. To just raise awareness that there are so many hungry children in our world that really need our help is what really matters!! Thank you for asking! I saw this letter by Robyn too and was going to post it in my blog as well. I LOVE your card. You did a really great job on it. Bless your heart for asking for help for these amazing survivors. Many hugs.. Terri of Two Pink Peas

  5. such a beautiful card. and for such a wonderful cause.
    I am your newest follower... Would love for you to come visit.

  6. Hi Jessica,
    I would really like to know if it were just me too that gets the rainbow dots all over the page so I can't read it. I often wondered if it was me? Or should I say my computer... I hope I didn't offend you at all that was not my intent I would like to know... Have a great day

  7. Hi Jessica, Yeah the dots are filling into the solid white box that has your writing in it. Yours is not the only blog that I have trouble with. So it must be me. A few different patterns just fill the whole page and I can't read a thing.
    You have a great day to, I think it's about time to ask Santa for a new computer.

  8. Just beautiful!!!
    P.S. My blog address has new address is I would love for you to pop by :)

  9. Hey, I think in order for my updates to show up you have to stop following me and re-follow.


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