Tuesday, March 1

Heritage, Wisdom, and Advice

So, I was attempting to finish a collage of my ancestors and just got it done.  It took some extra time that I had not anticipated because I got caught up in my research on ancestry.com.  I love how it turned out.  This collage was a work on my paternal grandmother's family dating back to the Revolutionary War.  In my research, I stumbled upon information that led me to the fact that I am a distant relative of Emily Elizabeth Dickinson.  To me, this was beyond COOL.  I always admired her writings and poetry.

I started by piecing together the backdrop with different shades of blue.  Then I determined where to layout the pictures and name tags.


I added some accent ribbon behind each picture and name tag to show the actual "line" lineage.
I started with myself and my twin sister, Jennifer.

I ended with Emily Dickinson.

Then the added finishing touches of affixing the pictures to the line and small accents to complete.
and Ta Daaa...

I look forward to doing a few more as gifts for some of my family members.  My mom, my sisters, my brothers, and a few cousins as well.  I took it upon myself to be a "keeper" of all of our heritage data.  I am the last of 13 children that my beautiful mother brought into this world.  I say Mother, only, as she struggled to raise each and everyone of us on her own.  She is a true inspiration to me and I honestly can say, that I would not be the mother I am today without her wisdom and advice.  So, what better way to thank her, by acknowledging the moral values that were passed to her and then passed to all of us children, and displaying them in a priceless collage of our heritage.


  1. How cool to be related to Emily Dickinson. What a great way to share your ancestory. Thanks for linking this to Scrappy Saturdays last week!

  2. This is a beautiful page! I love the idea of a collage

  3. What a wonderful tribute to your Mother! I find collages the hardest things for me to do..but you have shown a great example of one. Thanks for sharing at Creative Scrapbooking Divas!
    Pam CSDivas

  4. how beautiful and sentimental is that!! WOW.. Emily Dickerson - wonder who is in my past...

    ps... found you via the monday posting...

  5. Very inspiring.

  6. Very cool! I did not know you were a twin!



  7. Wow Jess this is so cool. Girl You have me going to ancestry.com and wow your a twin. I'm a twin with a boy. I'm going to have to do this. WOW I love it and thanks so much for the hunt. I love to do hunts. AJ~


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